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121 Paris (Address: 121 Av. De Clichy)

55 Montparnasse (Address: 55 rue de Plaisance)

7 Eiffel Hotel (Address: 17 bis rue Amelie)

9Hotel (Address: Rue Papillion 14)


ABBATIAL SAINT GERMAIN (Address: 46, boulevard Saint-Germain)

Abbaye (Address: 10 rue Cassette)

Aberotel Montparnasse Paris (Address: 24 Rue Blomet)

Abotel Nouvel Opera (Address: 152 Avenue Ledru Rollin)

Abotel Transcontinental (Address: 155 avenue de Maine)

Abrial (Address: 176 Rue Cardinet)

Abricotel (Address: 15, Rue Lally Tollendal)

ACACIAS ETOILE (Address: 11 rue des Acacias)

Acacias Saint Germain Othon Classic (Address: 151 Bis Rue De Rennes)

ACADEMIE SAINT GERMAIN (Address: 32 rue des Saints Peres)

Adagio Paris Tour Eiffel (Address: 14 rue du Theatre)

Adagio Access Paris La Villette (Address: 28 bis avenue Corentin Cariou)

Adagio Access Paris Philippe Auguste (Address: 12 rue Pierre Bayle)

Adagio Access Paris Tilsitt Champs Elysees (Address: 24 rue de Tilsitt)

Adagio Access Paris Tour Eiffel Saint Charles (Address: 43 rue Saint Charles)

Adagio Paris Bercy (Address: 1-7 Cour du Minervois)

Adagio Paris Buttes Chaumont (Address: 3 - 5 Cours du 7eme Art)

Adagio Paris Haussmann (Address: 129- 131 Boulevard Haussmann)

Adagio Paris Montmartre (Address: 10 place Charles Dullin)

Adagio Paris Opera (Address: 43 Rue Caumartin)

AGORA SAINT GERMAIN (Address: 42, rue des Bernardins)

Aida Eiffel Segur (Address: 34 Boulevard Garibaldi)

Aida Marais (Address: 19 Rue du Chateau d Eau)

Aida Opera (Address: 11 Rue Richer)

Aiglon ( 75014 ) (Address: 232 Bd Raspail)

AJIEL (Address: 237 rue de la Convention)

Ajiel (Address: 237 Rue De La Convention)

ALISON MADELEINE ST HONORE (Address: 21, rue de Surene)

Alize Grenelle Tour Eiffel (Address: 87 Avenue Emile Zola)

all seasons Paris 15 Lecourbe (futur ibis Styles) (Address: 192 rue de La Croix Nivert)

all seasons Paris Alesia Rue Des Plantes (futur ibis Styles) (Address: 32 Rue des Plantes)

all seasons Paris Bercy (futur ibis Styles) (Address: 77 rue de Bercy)

all seasons Paris Cadet Lafayette (futur ibis Styles) (Address: 11 Bis Rue Pierre Semard)

all seasons Paris Gare de l'Est Chateau Landon-futur ibis Styles (Address: 1 et 3 rue de Chateau Landon)

all seasons Paris Gare de l'Est TGV (futur ibis Styles) (Address: 87 Boulevard de Strasbourg)

all seasons Paris Gare du Nord TGV (futur ibis Styles) (Address: 11 Rue de Dunkerque)

all seasons Paris Lafayette Opera (futur ibis Styles) (Address: 3/5 rue de Trevise)

all seasons Paris Maine Montparnasse (futur ibis Styles) (Address: 22 rue Hippolyte Maindron)

All Seasons Paris Republique (Address: 9, rue Leon Jouhaux)

all seasons Paris Tolbiac Bibliotheque (futur ibis Styles) (Address: 21 Rue De Tolbiac)

all seasons Paris Voltaire Republique (futur ibis Styles) (Address: 39 rue Jean Pierre Timbaud)


AMADEUS - MON REVE (Address: 76, avenue Felix Faure)

Amarante Arc de Triomphe (Address: 25, Rue Theodore De Banville)

Amarante Arc De Triomphe (Address: 25 Rue Theodore De Banville)

Amarante Beau Manoir (Address: 6 Rue De L Arcade)

Amarante Beau Manoir (Address: 6 Rue De L'arcade)

Amarante Champs Elysees (Address: 19 Rue Vernet)

Amarante Champs-elysees (Address: 19 Rue Vernet)

AmHotel (Address: 96, Avenue de Choisy)

Ampere (Address: 102 Avenue De Villiers)

Angleterre Champs Elysees Hotel Paris (Address: 91 Rue de la Boetie)

ANNEXE PARIS (Address: 4, rue Taylor)

Aparthotel Paris XV (Address: 20 rue d'Oradour sur Glane)

APPART'CITY Paris la Vilette (Address: 157 avenue Jean Jaures)

Appia La Fayette (Address: 13, rue des Deux Gares)

ARC DE TRIOMPHE (Address: 10 rue de l Arc de Triomphe)

ARC DE TRIOMPHE ETOILE (Address: 3, rue de l Etoile)

Arcantis Hotel Frochot (Address: 3 rue Frochot)

Arcantis Hotel La Bruyere (Address: 35 rue de la Bruyere)

Ariane Montparnasse (Address: 35 Rue De La Sabliere)

Arley Tour Eiffel (Address: 34 Rue Viala)

ARMSTRONG (Address: 36 rue de la croix Saint Simon)

Arotel (Address: 74 Boulevard Quine)

Art Hi??tel Congri??s (Address: 44 Rue Gauthey)

Art Hotel Batignolles (Address: 110 rue Legendre)

Art Hotel Congres (Address: 44 rue Gauthey)

Artus Hotel (Address: 34 Rue de Buci)

Artus Hotel (Address: 34 Rue de Buci)

Ascot Opera (Address: 2, Rue Monsigny)

Ascott Arc de Triomphe Paris (Address: 81 avenue Kleber)

Aston (Address: 12 Cite Bergere)

Astor Saint Honore (75008) (Address: 11, Rue D'astorg)

Astoria Opera Hotel (Address: 42, RUE DE MOSCOU)

Astotel Acadia Opera (Address: 4 Rue Geoffroy Marie)

Astotel Astoria Opera (Address: 42 Rue de Moscou)

Astotel Astra Opera (Address: 29 Rue De Caumartin)

Astotel Bergere Opera (Address: 34 rue Bergere)

Astotel Bradford Elysees (Address: 10 rue Saint Philippe du Roule)

Astotel Caumartin Opera (Address: 27 Rue De Caumartin)

Astotel George Opera (Address: 46 Rue Notre Dame De Lorette)

Astotel Joyce (Address: 29 rue la Bruyere)

Astotel Le 123 Elysees (Address: 123 Rue Du Fbg St Honore)

Astotel Lorette Opera (Address: 36 rue Notre Dame de Lorette)

Astotel Malte Opera (Address: 63 rue de Richelieu)

Astotel Monterosa (Address: 30 rue la Bruyere)

Astotel Palm Opera (Address: 30, Rue De Maubeuge)

Astotel Regina Opera (Address: 11 Bis Rue Mazagran)

Astotel Saint Augustin Elysees (Address: 9 rue Roy)

Astotel Trianon Gare De Lyon (Address: 52 Boulevard Diderot)

Astra Opera Hotel (Address: 29, RUE CAUMARTIN)

Astruc Elysees (Address: 18 rue Leon Jost)

Astruc Elysees Chateaux & Hotels Collection (Address: 18 Rue Li??on Jost)

Atala Hotel (Address: 10 Rue Chateaubriand)

ATELIER MONTPARNASSE (Address: 84 Rue Raymond Losserand)

Athenee (Address: 19 rue Caumartin)

Atlanta Frochot (Address: 9, Rue Frochot)

ATLANTA FROCHOT (Address: 9, rue Frochot)

Atlantic Hotel (Address: 44 Rue de Londres)

ATN (Address: 21 rue d Athenes)

Au Grand Hotel Francais (Address: 223 Blvd VOLTAIRE)

Au Pacific (Address: 11 Rue Fondary)

AURORE MONTMARTRE (Address: 76, rue de Clichy)

AUX 3 PORTES (Address: 44, boulevard Richard Lenoir)

AVENIR (Address: 373, rue de Vaugirard)

Aviatic Hotel (Address: 105 Rue De Vaugirard)

Balmoral (Address: 6 rue du General Lanrezac)

Balzac (Address: 6, Rue Balzac)

Banke (75009) (Address: Rue La Fayette, 20)

Banke Hotel (Address: 20 Rue La Fayette)

BAROCK (Address: 11 rue de Montholon)

Barock Hotel (Address: 11 Rue de Montholon)

Bastille de Launay (Address: 42 rue Amelot)

BATIGNOLLES VILLIERS (Address: 11, rue des Batignolles)

Beaugrenelle St Charles (Address: 82, Rue De St Charles)

Beaugrenelle Tour Eiffel (Address: 19 Rue Viala)

Beausejour Montmartre (Address: 6 rue Lecluse)

Beausejour Montmartre (Address: 6, Rue Lecluse)

Bedford Hotel (Address: 17 Rue De L Arcade)

Bel Ami (Address: 7 11 Rue Saint Benoit)

Bel Oranger Republique (Address: 30 rue Lucien Sampaix)

Belfort Servan (Address: 37, Rue Servan)

Belloy Saint Germain (Address: 2 Rue Racine)

Bercy Gare De Lyon (75012) (Address: 209/211 Rue De Charenton)

Bercy Rive Gauche (Address: 82-84 Rue Regnault)

Bergere Opera Hotel (Address: 34, RUE BERGi??RE)

Berkeley (Address: 2, Rue D?odessa)

Berne Opera (Address: 37 Rue De Berne)

Bersolys Saint-germain (Address: 28, rue de Lille)

Best Western Acadia Opera Hotel (Address: 4, RUE GEOFFROY MARIE)

BEST WESTERN Aida Marais (Address: 19 Rue du Chateau D'Eau)

BEST WESTERN Albert Premier (Address: 162 Rue La Fayette)

BEST WESTERN Anjou Lafayette Opera (Address: 4 Rue Riboutte)

BEST WESTERN Aramis Saint-Germain (Address: 124 Rue De Rennes)

BEST WESTERN Astoria Opera (Address: 42 RUE DE MOSCOU)

Best Western Atlantic Opera (Address: 44 Rue De Londres)

BEST WESTERN Au Trocadero (Address: 3 Avenue Raymond-Poincare)

BEST WESTERN Aulivia Opera (Address: 4 Rue Des Petites Ecuries)

Best Western Aulivia Opera (Address: 4, RUE DES PETITES ECURIES)

BEST WESTERN Aurore (Address: 13, Rue Traversiere)

BEST WESTERN Axel Opera (Address: 15 Rue De Montyon)

BEST WESTERN Bercy Rive Gauche (Address: 82-84 Rue Regnault)

Best Western Bradford Elysees Hotel (Address: 10, RUE ST PHILIPPE DU ROULE)

BEST WESTERN Bretagne Montparnasse (Address: 33 Rue Raymond Losserand)

Best Western Champs Elysees Friedland (Address: 177 RUE DU FBG SAINT HONORE)

BEST WESTERN Colisee (Address: 6 Rue Du Colisee)

BEST WESTERN Derby Alma (Address: 8 Avenue Rapp)

BEST WESTERN Ducs De Bourgogne (Address: 19 Rue Du Pont Neuf)

Best Western Eiffel Auteuil (Address: 11,rue Claude Terrasse)

Best Western Eiffel Park Hotel (Address: 17 Bis Rue Amelie)

BEST WESTERN Elysees Paris (Address: 1, Rue Brey)

BEST WESTERN Elysees Paris Monceau (Address: 18 Rue De Constantinople)

BEST WESTERN Empire Elysees (Address: 3 Rue De Montenotte)

BEST WESTERN Etoile Friedland Champs-Elysees (Address: 177 Rue Du Fbg St-Honore)

BEST WESTERN Etoile Residence Imperiale (Address: 155 Avenue De Malakoff)

Best Western Etoile Saint Ferdinand (Address: 36 RUE SAINT FERDINAND)

Best Western Etoile Saint Honore (Address: 214, RUE DU FAUBOURG SAINT HONORE)

BEST WESTERN Etoile Saint-Ferdinand (Address: 36 Rue Saint Ferdinand)

BEST WESTERN Etoile Saint-Honore (Address: 214 Rue Du Faubourg Saint Honore)

BEST WESTERN Folkestone Opera (Address: 9 Rue Castellane)

BEST WESTERN France Europe (Address: 112 Boulevard De Sebastopol)

BEST WESTERN Gaillon Opera (Address: 9 Rue Gaillon)

BEST WESTERN Grand Hotel De L'Univers (Address: 6, Rue Gregoire De Tours)

BEST WESTERN Hotel Belloy Saint-Germain (Address: 2, Rue Racine)

BEST WESTERN Hotel de Neuville (Address: 3 Rue Verniquet)

BEST WESTERN Hotel De Weha (Address: 205 Avenue De Choisy)

BEST WESTERN Hotel Eiffel Auteuil (Address: 11 Rue Claude Terrasse)

BEST WESTERN Hotel Eiffel Cambronne (Address: 46, Rue De La Croix Nivert)

BEST WESTERN Hotel Eiffel Segur (Address: 34 Boulevard Garibaldi)

BEST WESTERN Hotel Elysees Bassano (Address: 24, Rue Bassano)

BEST WESTERN Hotel Faubourg Saint-Martin (Address: 6, Rue Gustave Goublier)

BEST WESTERN Hotel Le Montparnasse (Address: 37 Boulevard Montparnasse)

BEST WESTERN Hotel Louvre Piemont (Address: 22, Rue De Richelieu)

BEST WESTERN Hotel Mercedes (Address: 128, Avenue de Wagram)

BEST WESTERN Hotel Opera d'Antin (Address: 75 Rue de Provence)

BEST WESTERN Hotel Ronceray Opera (Address: 10 Boulevard Montmartre)

BEST WESTERN Hotel Sydney Opera (Address: 50, Rue Des Mathurins)

BEST WESTERN Hotel Victor Hugo (Address: 19 Rue Copernic)

BEST WESTERN Jardin De Cluny (Address: 9 Rue Du Sommerard)

BEST WESTERN La Tour Notre Dame (Address: 20 rue du Sommerard)

BEST WESTERN Le Nouvel Orleans (Address: 25, Avenue Du General Leclerc)

BEST WESTERN Le Patio Saint Antoine (Address: 289 Bis Rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine)

BEST WESTERN Left Bank-St. Germain (Address: 9 Rue De L'Ancienne Comedie,)

BEST WESTERN Les Theatres (Address: 98 Rue de Clery)

BEST WESTERN Lorette Opera (Address: 36, Rue Notre Dame De Lorette)

BEST WESTERN Marais Bastille (Address: 36 Boulevard Richard Lenoir)

BEST WESTERN Montcalm (Address: 50 Avenue Felix-Faure)

BEST WESTERN Montmartre (Address: 66 Boulevard Barbes)

BEST WESTERN Newhotel Lafayette (Address: 25 Rue Buffault)

BEST WESTERN Opera Batignolles (Address: 165 Rue De Rome)

BEST WESTERN Opera Grands Boulevards (Address: 42 Rue Des Petites Ecuries)

BEST WESTERN Opera Saint Lazare (Address: 9 Rue De Constantinople)

Best Western Opera Saint Lazare Hotel (Address: 9, RUE DE CONSTANTINOPLE)

BEST WESTERN Paris Louvre Opera (Address: 4 Rue Des Moulins)

BEST WESTERN Plaza Elysees (Address: 177 Bld Haussmann)

BEST WESTERN PREMIER Amiral Hotel (Address: 98 Avenue d'Italie)

BEST WESTERN PREMIER Au Manoir Saint Germain De Pres (Address: 153 Boulevard Saint Germain)

BEST WESTERN PREMIER Elysee Secret (Address: 5, rue de Ponthieu)

BEST WESTERN PREMIER Hotel L'Horset Opera (Address: 18 Rue D'Antin)

BEST WESTERN PREMIER Hotel Opal (Address: 19 Rue Tronchet)

BEST WESTERN PREMIER Le Carre Folies Opera (Address: 13 Rue Geoffroy Marie)

BEST WESTERN PREMIER Louvre Saint Honore (Address: 141 Rue Saint Honore)

BEST WESTERN PREMIER Opera Diamond (Address: 4 Rue de la Pepiniere)

BEST WESTERN PREMIER Opera Richepanse (Address: 14, Rue du Chevalier de Saint George)

BEST WESTERN PREMIER Pergolese (Address: 3 Rue Pergolese)

BEST WESTERN PREMIER Regent's Garden Hotel (Address: 6 Rue Pierre Demours)

BEST WESTERN PREMIER Royal Saint Michel (Address: 3, Boulevard Saint Michel)

BEST WESTERN PREMIER Trocadero la Tour (Address: 5 Bis Rue Massenet)

BEST WESTERN Quartier Latin Pantheon (Address: 71, Rue Monge)

Best Western Serotel Lutece (Address: 2, RUE BERTHOLLET)

Best Western Serotel Lutece (Address: 2 Rue Berthollet)

BEST WESTERN Sevres Montparnasse (Address: 153, Rue De Vaugirard)

BEST WESTERN Star Champs Elysees (Address: 18 Rue De L'Arc De Triomphe)

BEST WESTERN Tour Eiffel Invalides (Address: 35, Boulevard De La Tour Maubourg)

BEST WESTERN Trianon Rive Gauche (Address: 1 Bis Rue De Vaugirard)

BEST WESTERN Villa Des Artistes (Address: 9 Rue De La Grande Chaumiere)

Blackston Opera (Address: 12, Rue De Parme)

BLACKSTON OPERA (Address: 12 rue de Parme)

Blc Design Hotel (Address: 4 Rue Richard Lenoir)

BLC Design Hotel (Address: 4 Rue Richard Lenoir)

Blois (Address: 5 rue des Plantes)

Brebant Hotel (Address: 32 Bld Poissonniere)

Bridgestreet Champs Elysees (Address: 28 rue de la Boetie)

Bridgestreet Champs Elysees (Address: 14 Rue De Berri)

Bridgestreet Le Marais Serviced Apartments (Address: 4 Rue Etienne Marcel)

Bridgestreet Montparnasse (Address: 13 rue d?Odessa)

BridgeStreet Montparnasse (Address: 13 Rue D'Odessa)

Bridgestreet Opera (Address: 5 Rue De Stockholm)

Bridgestreet Opera Serviced Apartments (Address: 5 rue de Stockholm)

BridgestreetMontparnasse Serviced (Address: 13 Rue D Odessa)

BRISTOL PARIS (Address: 68, rue de Malte)

BRITANNIA (Address: 24 rue d Amsterdam)

Brittany (Address: 3 Rue St. Lazare)

Brittany Hotel (Address: 3-5 Rue St Lazare)

Bruxelles et du Nord (Address: 28 rue de Dunkerque)

Bw Opi??ra Batignolles (Address: 165 Rue De Rome)

Bw Plaza Elysees (Address: 177 Boulevard Haussman)

Bw. Hotel Mercedes (Address: 128 Av. Wagram)

California Saint Germain (Address: 32 rue des Ecoles)

Campanile Paris 10 - Gare du Nord (Address: 232 Rue du Faubourg St)

Campanile Paris 11 - Bastille (Address: 9 rue du Chemin Vert)

Campanile Paris 12 - Nation (Address: 54 Rue du Rendez Vous)

Campanile Paris 15 - Boulevard Berthier (Address: 4 Boulevard Berthier)

Campanile Paris 15 - Tour Eiffel (Address: 30, Rue Saint Charles)

Campanile PARIS 19 - La Villette (Address: 147 - 151 Avenue de Flandre)

Carina Tour Eiffel (Address: 9 Rue Ginoux)

Carlton S (Address: 55, Boulevard Rochechouart)

Castille Paris (Address: 33-37 Rue Cambon)

Castille Paris (75001) (Address: Rue Cambon, 33/37)

Caumartin Opera Hotel (Address: 27 RUE CAUMARTIN)

CECIL HOTEL (Address: 47 rue Beaunier)

Central Bastille (Address: 16 Rue de la Roquette)

Central Saint Germain (Address: 3 Rue Champollion)

CENTRE VILLE ETOILE (Address: 6, rue des Acacias)

Chambellan Morgane Hotel (Address: 6 rue Keppler)

Chambiges Elysees Hotel (Address: 8 Rue Chambiges)

Champerret Elysees (Address: 129 Avenue De Villers)

Champerret Heliopolis (Address: 13 rue d Heliopolis)

Champlain (Address: 99 Bis Rue De Rome)

Champs Elysees Macmahon (Address: 3 Avenue Mac Mahon, 17 Palais Des Congres)

Champs Elysees Plaza Hotel (Address: 35 Rue De Berri)

Champs Elysees Plaza Hotel (Address: 35, RUE DE BERRI)

Charing Cross (Address: 39 rue Pasquier)

Chat Noir Design Hotel (Address: 68 Boulevard De Clichy)

Chateau Frontenac Hotel (Address: 54 Rue Pierre Charron)

Chateaubriand (75008) (Address: 6, Rue De Chateaubriand)

Chateaubriand Hotel (Address: 6, Rue Chateaubriand)

Cheverny (Address: 7 Villa Berthier)

Cheverny (Address: 7, Villa Berthier)

Chomel Hotel (Address: 15 Rue Chomel)

Citadines Austerlitz Paris (Address: 27 rue Esquirol)

Citadines Bastille Marais Pari (Address: 37 boulevard Richard Lenoir)

Citadines Gare de Lyon Paris (Address: 14 18 rue de Chaligny)

Citadines Les Halles Paris (Address: 4 rue des Innocents)

Citadines Louvre Paris (Address: 8 rue de Richelieu)

Citadines Montmartre Paris (Address: 16 avenue Rachel)

Citadines Montparnasse Paris (Address: 67 avenue du Maine)

Citadines Opera Gds Bvds Paris (Address: 18 rue Favart)

Citadines Opera Vendome Paris (Address: 2 rue Edouard VII)

Citadines Paris Montmartre (Address: 16, AVENUE RACHEL)

Citadines Paris Place Ditalie (Address: 18, Place D'Italie)

Citadines Place dItalie Paris (Address: 18 place dItalie)


Citadines Republique Paris (Address: 75 bis avenue Parmentier)

Citadines Saint-Germain Des Pres (Address: 53 TER, QUAI DES GRANDS AUGUSTINS)

Citadines St Germain Paris (Address: 53 ter quai des Grands)

Citadines Tour Eiffel Paris (Address: 132 boulevard de Grenelle)

Citadines Trocadero Paris (Address: 29 bis rue Saint Didier)

Claret (Address: 44 Bd. De Bercy)

CLARET (Address: 44, boulevard de Bercy)

Claridge Paris (Address: 37 Rue Francois Premier)

Clarion Collection Etoile St Honore (Address: Rue Du Faubourg Saint Honore)

Clarion Collection Hotel Etoile Saint Honore (Address: 214, FBG Saint Honore)

Clarion Collection Hotel Opera Pavillon (Address: 7, rue de Parme)

Clarion Opera Pavillon (Address: 7, Rue De Parme)

CLARISSE (Address: 159, boulevard Lefebvre)

Classic Hotel Porte De Versailles (Address: 3, Rue George Marie)

Classic Parc Exposition (Address: 6 RUE AUGUSTE GERVAIS)

Classics Bastille (Address: 131, Rue De Charonne)

Classics Hotel Bastille (Address: 131 rue de Charonne)

Claude Bernard Hotel (Address: 43 Rue des Ecoles)

Color Design (Address: 35 Rue De Citeaux)

Color Design Hotel (Address: 35 Rue De Citeaux)

Comfort Hotel Andre Latin (Address: 50-52 Rue Gay Lussac)

Comfort Hotel Davout Nation (Address: 110, rue des Orteaux)

Comfort Hotel Gare de L'Est (Address: 31, boulevard de Strasbourg)

Comfort Hotel Lamarck (Address: 147, rue Marcadet)

Comfort Hotel Median (Address: 6-8 blvd. de Douaumont)

Comfort Hotel Montmartre Place du Tertre (Address: 16, rue Tholoze)

Comfort Hotel Mouffetard/Latin Quarter (Address: 56, rue Mouffetard)

Comfort Hotel Nation (Address: 12, rue Leon Frot)

Comfort Hotel Opera Drouot (Address: 4 rue de la Grange Bateliere)

Comfort Hotel Opera Drouot (Address: 4 RUE DE LA GRANGE BATELIERE)

Comfort Hotel Paris La Fayette (Address: 23 rue des Messageries)

Comfort Hotel Royal Aboukir (Address: 106 rue d'Aboukir)

Comfort Hotel Sacre Coeur (Address: 57, rue des Abbesses)

Comfort Hotel Saint Pierre (Address: 10, rue de Clignancourt)

Comfort Place Du Tertre Hotel (Address: 16 RUE THOLOZE)

Concorde Saint-Lazare Hotel (Address: 108, RUE SAINT-LAZARE)

Concortel (Address: 21 Rue Pasquier)

Convention Montparnasse (Address: 41 Rue Alain Chartier)

CORAIL (Address: 23, rue de Lyon)

CORDELIA (Address: 11, rue de Greffuhle)

Corona (Address: 4 Rue Rodier)

Cosy’s Residence Cadet (Address: 7 Rue Cadet)

CRAYON - LOUVRE (Address: 25 rue du Bouloi)

CRISTAL CHAMPS ELYSEES (Address: 9 rue de Washington)

Croix de Malte (Address: 5 rue de Malte)


Crystal Hotel (Address: 24 Rue St Benoit)

Crystal Hotel (Address: 24 Rue St Benoit)

CYRNOS (Address: 154, rue Montmartre)

DANEMARK (Address: 21 rue Vavin)

DAUNOU OPERA (Address: 6, rue Daunou)

Dauphine Saint Germain Hotel (Address: 36 Rue Dauphine)

DE BELLEVUE (Address: 67 rue Philippe de Girard)

De Castiglione Hotel (Address: 40 Faubourg St Honore)

De Chateaudun Opera (Address: 30 Rue De Chateaudun)

DE FRANCE QUARTIER LATIN (Address: 108 rue Monge)

De Hollande (Address: 4, Rue Cadet)

De l Europe (Address: 98 boulevard de Magenta)

DE L UNIVERSITE (Address: 22 rue de l Universite)

DE LA PAIX (Address: 43, rue Duranton)

De La Paix (Address: 43 Rue Duranton)

DE LA PAIX MONTPARNASSE (Address: 225 Boulevard Raspail)

DE LA PORTE DOREE (Address: 273 avenue Daumesnil)

De Latour Maubourg (Address: 150, Rue De Grenelle)

De Lausanne Hotel (Address: 13 RUE GEOFFROY MARIE)

De Maubeuge (Address: 79 Rue de Maubeuge)

DE NOTRE DAME (Address: 19, rue Maitre Albert)

DE PARIS MONTMARTRE (Address: 17 Rue Biot)

DE PARIS NORD (Address: 4 rue de Dunkerque)

De Seze Hotel Paris (Address: 16 Rue de Seze)

De Suede St Germain (Address: 31 Rue Vaneau)

DELAMBRE MONTPARNASSE (Address: 35 rue Delambre)

DELAVIGNE (Address: 1 rue Casimir Delavigne)

DERBY GARIBALDI (Address: 92 boulevard Garibaldi)

DES 3 COLLEGES (Address: 16, Rue Cujas)

Des Academies Et Des Arts (Address: 15, Rue Da La Grande Chaumiere)

DES ARTS (Address: 5, rue Tholoze)

Des Provinces Hotel (Address: 192, RUE DE LA CROIX NIVERT)

DES TROIS GARES (Address: 1 rue Jules Cesar)

Des Tuileries (75001) (Address: 10 Rue Saint-hyacinthe)

DEVILLAS (Address: 4 boulevard Saint Marcel)

DOISY ETOILE (Address: 55 Avenue des Ternes)

Dore (Address: 201, Avenue Daumesnil)

DU CADRAN (Address: 10, rue du Champ de Mars)

DU CONTINENT (Address: 30, rue du Mont - Thabor)

DU LION D OR LOUVRE (Address: 5 rue de la sourdiere)

Du Midi Hotel (Address: AVENUE RENE COTY, 4)

DU MOULIN (Address: 3 rue Aristide Bruant)

DU PALAIS BOURBON (Address: 49 rue de Bourgogne)

DU PANTHEON (Address: 19, place du Pantheon)

DU PARC SAINT CHARLES (Address: 243 rue Saint Charles)

DU QUAI VOLTAIRE (Address: 19, quai Voltaire)

DU ROI RENE (Address: 72 Place du Docteur Felix Lobligeois)

Du Theatre (Address: 5 Rue De Cheroy)

DU VIEUX SAULE (Address: 6, rue de Picardie)

DUC DE SAINT-SIMON (Address: 14, rue de Saint-Simon)

Duminy Vendome Hotel (Address: 3 Rue Du Mont Thabor)

DUQUESNE EIFFEL (Address: 23 avenue Duquesne)

EDEN MONTMARTRE (Address: 90 rue Ordener)

Eden Opera (Address: 35 Rue Jean Baptiste Pigalle)

Edouard 7 Hotel (Address: 39, avenue de l Opera)

EH CHAMPS ELYSEES MAC MAHON (Address: 3 Avenue Mac Mahon)

Eiffel Capitol (Address: 9 Rue Viala)

EIFFEL KENNEDY (Address: 12 rue de Boulainvilliers)

Eiffel Seine (Address: 3 Bd De Grenelle)

Eiffel Seine (Address: 3 Boulevard De Grenelle)

Elysees 8 (Address: 16 Rue Cambaceres)

Elysees Ceramic Hotel (Address: 34 Avenue de Wagram)

Elysees Flaubert (Address: 19 Rue Rennequin)

Elysees Hotel Paris (Address: 100 Rue la Boetie)

Elysees Opera (Address: 17 Rue De Turin)

Elysees Opera (Address: 17 Rue De Turin)

ELYSEES PARC MONCEAU (Address: 38, rue Cardinet)

Elysees Parc Monceau (Address: 38 Rue Cardinet)

Elysees Union Hotel (Address: 44 Delamiral Hamelin Street)

Emeraude Helios Opera (Address: 75 Rue De La Victoire)

Emeraude Hotel DEspagne (Address: 9 Cite Bergere)

Emeraude Hotel Louvre Montana (Address: 12 Rue Saint Roch)

Emeraude Hotel Madeleine Plaza (Address: 33 Place De La Madeleine)

Emeraude Hotel Plaza Etoile (Address: 21 Avenue De Wagram)

Emeraude Lodge Du Centre Hotel (Address: 6 Rue Geoffroy-Marie)

Emeraude Madeleine Haussmann (Address: 10 Rue Pasquier)

EMPEREUR (Address: 2 rue Chevert)

Empire Paris Louvre (Address: 48 rue de l Arbre sec)

Esprit Saint Germain (Address: 22, rue Saint Sulpice)

Etats Unis Opera (Address: 16 Rue d-Antin)

ETATS-UNIS OPERA (Address: 16 rue d Antin)

Etoile Pereire ( 75017 ) (Address: 146, Boulevard Pereiere)

Etoile Saint Ferdinand Hotel (Address: 36 Rue Saint Ferdinand)

Euro Hotel Sovereign Paris St Denis (Address: 100 rue Gabriel Peri Place 8 Mai 1945)

Eurohotel Paris Creteil (Address: 12, Avenue Frenand Pouillon, Europarc, 94000 Creteil.)

Europe (Address: 103 Blv. De Grenelle)

Europe - Liege (Address: 8 Rue De Moscou)

Europe Hotel (Address: 103, BOULEVARD DE GRENELLE)

Eurostars Panorama (Address: 9, Rue Des Messageries)

Eurostars Panorama (Address: 9, Rues Des Messageries)

Excelsior Opera Hotel (Address: 5 Rue Lafayette)

EXCELSIOR REPUBLIQUE (Address: 4, rue Lancry)

Exclusive 29 Lepic Montmartre (Address: 29 Rue lepic)


Exclusive Etoile Park (Address: 10, Avenue Mac-Mahon)

Exclusive France d'Antin Opera (Address: 22 rue d'Antin)

Exclusive Grand Hotel du Havre (Address: 18, rue d'Amsterdam)

Exclusive Hostellerie du Marais (Address: 30 Rue de Turebbe)

Exclusive Hotel America Opera (Address: 17, rue de Turin)

Exclusive Hotel Apollinaire Montparnasse (Address: 39 rue Delambre)

Exclusive Hotel Appia (Address: 13 Rue des Deux gares)

EXCLUSIVE HOTEL ARC ELYSEES (Address: 45 Rue Washington)

Exclusive Hotel Astrid (Address: 27, Avenue Carnot)

Exclusive Hotel Bailli de Suffren Tour Eiffel (Address: 149, Avenue de Suffren)

Exclusive Hotel Bassano (Address: 15, Rue Bassano)

Exclusive Hotel Baudelaire Opera (Address: 61, rue Sainte Anne)


Exclusive Hotel Beaumarchais Marais (Address: 3 rue Oberkampf)

Exclusive Hotel Brescia (Address: 16, rue d'Edimbourg)

Exclusive Hotel Caravelle (Address: 68, Rue des Martyrs)

Exclusive Hotel Carina (Address: 9, rue de Ginoux)

Exclusive Hotel Cecilia (Address: 11, Avenue Mac-Mahon)

Exclusive Hotel Central Saint Germain (Address: 3, rue Champollion)

Exclusive Hotel Chambellan Morgane (Address: 6, Rue Keppler)

Exclusive Hotel Champerret Elysees (Address: 129 Avenue de Villiers)

Exclusive Hotel Chomel Saint Germain (Address: 15, rue Chomel)

Exclusive Hotel Courcelles Etoile (Address: 184, rue de Courcelles)

Exclusive Hotel Dacia Luxembourg (Address: 41 Boulevard Saint Michel)

Exclusive Hotel d'Albe (Address: 1, Rue de la Harpe)

Exclusive Hotel Dauphine Saint-Germain (Address: 36, Rue Dauphine)

Exclusive Hotel de Chateaudun (Address: 30, Rue de Chateaudun)

Exclusive Hotel de la Tour d'Auvergne (Address: 10, Rue de la Tour d'Auvergne)

Exclusive Hotel de l'Avenir (Address: 65, Rue Madame)

Exclusive Hotel de Neuville (Address: 3, Rue Verniquet)

Exclusive Hotel de Sevigne (Address: 6, Rue de Belloy)

Exclusive Hotel des Mathurins Madeleine (Address: 43, rue des Mathurins)

Exclusive Hotel Duret Elysees (Address: 30, Rue Duret)


Exclusive Hotel Elysa Luxembourg (Address: 6, Rue Gay Lussac)

Exclusive Hotel Francois 1er (Address: 7, Rue Magellan)

Exclusive Hotel George Washington (Address: 43, Rue Washington)

Exclusive Hotel Imperial (Address: 45, Rue de la Victoire)

Exclusive Hotel Jardin de Villiers (Address: 18, Rue Claude Pouillet)

Exclusive Hotel Jardin Le Brea (Address: 14, Rue Brea)

Exclusive Hotel Lautrec Opera (Address: 8-10 RUE D'AMBOISE)

Exclusive Hotel Le Clement (Address: 6, Rue Clement)

Exclusive Hotel Le Pera (Address: 17, Rue Caumartin)

Exclusive Hotel Le Royal Rive Gauche (Address: 212, boulevard Raspail)

Exclusive Hotel Le Vignon (Address: 23, Rue Vignon)

EXCLUSIVE HOTEL L'EDMOND (Address: 22 Avenue de Villiers)

Exclusive Hotel les 3 poussins Opera (Address: 15, rue Clauzel)

Exclusive Hotel les Rives de Notre Dame (Address: 15 Quai Saint Michel)

Exclusive Hotel Magellan Arc de Triomphe (Address: 17-19, rue Jean Baptiste Dumas)

Exclusive Hotel Marceau Bastille (Address: 13, rue Jules Cesar)

Exclusive Hotel Marceau Champs Elysees (Address: 37, Avenue Marceau)

Exclusive Hotel Mathis Elysees (Address: 3, Rue de Ponthieu)

Exclusive Hotel Mayfair (Address: 3, Rue Rouget de Lisle)

Exclusive Hotel Moliere (Address: 21, rue Moliere)

Exclusive Hotel Montfleuri Arc de Triomphe (Address: 21, Avenue de la Grande Armee)

Exclusive Hotel Montreal (Address: 23, Rue Godot-de-Mauroy)

Exclusive Hotel Observatoire Luxembourg (Address: 107, Boulevard Saint-Michel)


Exclusive Hotel Plaza La Fayette (Address: 175, Rue La Fayette)

Exclusive Hotel Relais Saint-Jacques (Address: 3, Rue de l'Abbe de l'Epee)

Exclusive Hotel Saint Paul (Address: 43, rue Monsieur Le Prince)

Exclusive Hotel Splendid (Address: 29, Avenue de Tourville)

Exclusive Hotel Sully Saint Germain (Address: 31, rue des Ecoles)

Exclusive Hotel Tilsitt Etoile (Address: 23, Rue Brey)

Exclusive Hotel Trianon Rive Gauche (Address: 1 bis rue de Vaugirard)

Exclusive Hotel Trocadero La Tour (Address: 5 bis, Rue Massenet)

Exclusive Hotel Tronchet Madeleine (Address: 22, Rue Tronchet)

Exclusive Hotel Villa Saint-Germain (Address: 29, Rue Jacob)

EXCLUSIVE HOTEL WILSON OPERA 3* (Address: 10 Rue de Stockholm)

Exclusive Htl des Provinces Pte de Versailles (Address: 192, rue de la Croix Nivert)

Exclusive Pavillon Bastille (Address: 65 rue de Lyon)


Exclusive Residence le Regent (Address: 28, rue Monsieur le Prince)

Exclusive Suites Unic Renoir Saint Germain (Address: 56, rue du Montparnasse)

Exclusive Villa des Amabassadeurs Trocadero (Address: 6 rue du Bouquet de Longchamps)

Exclusive Villa Mazarin Marais (Address: 6, rue des Archives)

Exclusive Villa Opera Lamartine (Address: 39, Rue Lamartine)

Fertel Etoile (Address: 4 Rue Des Acacias)

Fertel Maillot (Address: 269 Blvd Pereire)

Floride Etoile Hotel (Address: 14 Rue Saint Didier)

Forest Hill Meudon Velizy (Address: 40 Avenue Du Marehal De Lattre De Tassigny)

Forest Hill Paris La Villette (Address: 28 Ter Avenue Corentin Cariou)

Forest Hill Paris La Villette (Address: 28 Avenue Corentin Cariou)

Forest Hill Paris Meudon (Address: 40 Avenue Du Mal De Lattre)

Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris (Address: 31, Avenue George V)

France Appartements Bergere Opera (Address: 6 Cite Bergere)

France Appartements Turenne Marais (Address: 110 Rue de Turenne)

Francois I (Address: 7 Rue Magellan)

Franklin Roosevelt Hotel (Address: 18 Rue Clement-Marot)

Fraser Suites Harmonie (Address: 6 Boulevard De Neuilly)

Fraser Suites Harmonie (Address: 6 Boulevard De Neuilly)

Fraser Suites Le Claridge Champs Elysees (Address: 74 avenue des Champs Elysees)

Garden Elysee (Address: 12, Rue Saint Didier)

Garden Elysee (75016) (Address: 12, Rue Saint-didier)

Garden Elysee Hotel (Address: 12 RUE SAINT DIDIER)

Garden Opera (Address: 65 Rue Du Chateau D Eau)

Gat Folies (Address: 14 Rue Geoffroy Marie)

George Opera Hotel (Address: 46 RUE DE NOTRE DAME DE LORETTE)

Georges Washington (75008) (Address: 43, Rue Washington Champs Elysee)

Glasgow (Address: 3 Rue De La Felicite)

Globe (Address: 15 rue des Quatre Vents)

Golden Tulip Hotel Washington Opera (Address: 50 Rue De Richelieu)

Golden Tulip Little Palace Hotel (Address: 4 Rue Salomon de Caus)

Golden Tulip Opera De Noailles (Address: 9, rue de la Michodiere)

Gramont Opera Hotel Paris (Address: 22 Rue Gramont)

Grand H. Haussmann (75009) (Address: Rue Du Helder, 6)

Grand Hotel Dechampaigne (Address: 17, Rue Jean Lantier)

Grand Hotel Dechampaigne (Address: 17 Rue Jean Lantier)

GRAND HOTEL DES GOBELINS (Address: 57, boulevard Saint-Marcel)

Grand Hotel Dore (Address: 201 Avenue Daumesnil)

Grand Hotel Du Havre (Address: 18 Rue D'amsterdam)

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal (Address: 4 Rue De Valois)

Grand Hotel Francais (Address: 223 Boulevard Voltaire)

Grand Hotel Haussmann (Address: 6 Rue Du Helder)

Grand Hotel Haussmann (Address: 6 Rue Du Helder)

Grand Hotel Haussmann Opera (Address: 6, RUE DU HELDER)

Grand Hotel jeanne Darc (Address: 43 Boulevard Saint Marcel)

Grand Hotel Saint Michel (Address: 19 Rue Cujas)

Grand Hotel Saint Michel (Address: 19 Rue Cujas)

Grand Hotel St-Michel (Address: 19 Rue Cujas)

Gt Royal Garden Champs Elysees (Address: 218, Rue Du Faubourg St Honore)

H tel le Pradey du Louvre (Address: 5 RUE SAINT ROCH)

HARVEY (Address: 7 bis, rue du Debarcadere)

HELDER OPERA (Address: 4 rue du Helder)

Helios Opera Hotel (Address: 75 RUE DE LA VICTOIRE)


Hi Matic (Address: 71 Rue De Charonne)

HIBISCUS (Address: 66, rue de Malte)

Hidden (Address: 28 Rue De L'arc De Triomphe)

HIDDEN ETOILE (Address: 28 Rue de l Arc de Triomphe)

Hidden Hotel (Address: 28 rue de L Arc de Triomphe)

Hidden Hotel (Address: 28 rue de L Arc de)

Hilton Arc de Triomphe Paris hotel (Address: 51-57 rue de Courcelles)

Hilton Paris La Defense (Address: 2 place de la Defense CNIT - BP 210)

Hilton Paris Orly Airport hotel (Address: Orly Sud 267 Orly Aerogare Cedex)

Holiday apartment in Paris (Address: 25 avenue de Wagram)

Holiday apartment in Paris (Address: 41 bis rue Linois)

Holiday apartment in Paris (Address: 1 rue de Chazelles)

Holiday apartment in Paris - Paris-Ile-de-France (Address: 170 bis Fg St Antoine)

Holiday Inn Bibliotheque De France Hotel (Address: 21, RUE DE TOLBIAC)

Holiday Inn Express PARIS - CANAL DE LA VILLETTE (Address: 68 QUAI DE LA SEINE)


Holiday Inn PARIS - AUTEUIL (Address: 21 RUE GUDIN)

Holiday Inn PARIS - BASTILLE (Address: 11 RUE DE LYON)

Holiday Inn PARIS - ELYSEES (Address: 24, RUE MIROMESNIL)

Holiday Inn PARIS - GARE DE L'EST (Address: 5 RUE DU 8 MAI 45)






Holiday Inn PARIS - NOTRE DAME (Address: 4 RUE DANTON)



Holiday Inn Paris Bastille (Address: 11-13 RUE DE LYON)



Holiday Inn Paris-St Germain Des Pres (Address: 92 RUE DE VAUGIRARD)

Holiday Villa Lafayette Paris (Address: 46 Rue De Trevise)

HOME LATIN (Address: 15 et 17 rue Du Sommerard)

HOTEL ACACIAS ETOILE (Address: 11 rue des Acacias)

Hotel Acte V (Address: 55 rue Monge)

Hotel Alane (Address: Boulevard Magenta 72)

Hotel Albouy (Address: 4 rue Lucien Sampaix)

Hotel Alexandrie (Address: 19 rue d'Austerlitz)

Hotel Alize Grenelle Tour Eiffel (Address: 87 Avenue Emile Zola)

Hotel Alize Grenelle Tour Eiffel (Address: Av. Emile Zola, 87)

Hotel Allegro (Address: 33 Avenue du Docteur Arnold-Netter)

Hotel Alma Paris (Address: 32 Rue de l'exposition)

Hotel Ambassade (Address: 79 rue Lauriston)

Hotel Ambassador (Address: 16 Boulevard Haussmann)

Hotel Amelie (Address: 5 rue Amelie)

Hotel Ampere Paris (Address: 102 Avenue de Villiers)

Hotel Angleterre Etoile (Address: 21 rue Copernic)

Hotel Antin Trinite (Address: 74 rue de Provence)

Hotel Arcadie Montparnasse (Address: 71 Avenue du Maine)

Hotel Arioso (Address: 7 Rue DArgenson)

Hotel Arvor St Georges (Address: 8 rue Laferriere)

Hotel Ascot Opera (Address: 2 rue Monsigny)

Hotel Astor Saint Honore (Address: 11 RUE D ASTORG)

Hotel Auriane Porte de Versailles (Address: 60 rue Olivier de Serres)

Hotel Auteuil Tour Eiffel (Address: rue Felicien David 8-10)

Hotel Bac Saint Germain (Address: 66 rue du Bac)

Hotel Baltimore Paris - MGallery Collection (Address: 88 Bis Avenue Kleber)

Hotel Balzac (Address: 6 Rue Balzac)

Hotel Basile Opera (Address: 23 rue Godot de Mauroy)

Hotel Baudelaire Bastille (Address: 12 rue de Charonne)

Hotel Beauchamps (Address: 24 Rue de Ponthieu)

Hotel Beaugrenelle (Address: 19, Rue Viala)

Hotel Beaugrenelle Saint Charles (Address: Rue Saint Charles, 82)

Hotel Beaugrenelle St. Charles Tour Eiffel (Address: 62 rue Saint Charles)

Hotel Beaumarchais (Address: 3 rue Oberkampf)

Hotel Beaunier Montparnasse (Address: 31 rue Beaunier)

Hotel Beauvoir (Address: 43 avenue Georges Bernanos)

Hotel Bedford (Address: Rue de L’Arcade 17)

Hotel Belfast Paris (Address: Av Carnot 10)

Hotel Bellechasse Paris Louvre Orsay (Address: 8 Rue Bellechasse)

Hotel Best Western Belloy St. Germain (Address: 2, RUE RACINE)

Hotel Best Western Colisee (Address: RUE DU COLISEE 6)

Hotel Blackston Opera (Address: 12, rue de Parme)

Hotel Bourgogne & Montana (Address: 3 Rue De Bourgogne)

Hotel Bourgogne Et Montana Chateaux & Hotels Collection (Address: 3, Rue De Bourgogne)

Hotel Brighton (Address: 218 Rue de Rivoli)

Hotel Britannique (Address: 20 Avenue Victoria)

Hotel California (Address: 16 Rue de Berri)

Hotel Cambon (Address: 3 Rue Cambon)

Hotel Carladez Cambronne (Address: 3 Place du General Beuret)

Hotel Carladez Cambronne (Address: 3 Place du General Beuret)

Hotel Cecil (Address: Conservatoire 7)

Hotel Central Saint Germain-Avis Opera (Address: 3, RUE CHAMPOLLION)

Hotel Centre Ville Etoile (Address: 6 rue des Acacias)

Hotel Centre Ville Etoile Chateaux Et Hotels Collection (Address: 6, Rue Des Acacias)

Hotel Cervantes (Address: 19 rue de Berne)

Hotel Chabrol Opera (Address: 46 rue Chabrol)

Hotel Chamonix (Address: 8 rue d Hauteville)

Hotel Champlain Paris (Address: 99 bis rue de Rome)

Hotel Champs Elysees Friedland (Address: 177 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore)

Hotel Champs Elysi??es Friedland (Address: 177 Rue Du Faubourg Saint Honore)

Hotel Choiseul Opera (Address: 1 rue Daunou)

Hotel Classic Bastille (Address: 131, RUE DE CHARONNE)

Hotel Classic Tour Eiffel (Address: 11 RUE CLAUDE TERRASSE)

Hotel Concorde La Fayette (Address: 3 Place du General Koenig)

Hotel Concorde Montparnasse (Address: 40 rue du Commandant Mouchotte)

Hotel Concorde Opera Paris (Address: 108, rue Saint Lazare)

Hotel Cosmotel (Address: 17 Boulevard de Strasbourg)

Hotel d Angleterre Saint germa (Address: 44 rue Jacob)

Hotel d Aubusson (Address: 33 rue Dauphine)

Hotel D Enghien (Address: 52 rue d Enghien)

Hotel D Orsay (Address: 93 Rue de Lille)

Hotel Danemark (Address: 21 Rue Vavin)

Hotel Daniel (Address: 8 Rue Frederic Bastiat)

Hotel Daunou Opera (Address: 6, rue Daunou 75002)

Hotel De Banville (Address: 166 Boulevard Berthier)

Hotel De Banville Paris (Address: 166 Boulevard Berthier)

Hotel De Beaune (Address: 29 rue de Beaune)

Hotel De Buci (Address: 22 Rue Buci)

Hotel de Crillon (Address: 10 Place de la Concorde)

Hotel De Crillon (Address: 10 Place De La Concorde)

Hotel de Fleurie (Address: 32 rue Gregoire de Tours)

Hotel De L Athenee (Address: 19 rue Caumartin)

Hotel de l Exposition Tour Eiffel Paris (Address: 42 Bis Rue Du Theatre)

Hotel De L Exposition-Republique (Address: 4 Boulevard de Magenta)

Hotel De La Jatte (Address: 4 Boulevard Du Parc)

Hotel de La Motte Picquet Paris (Address: 30 Avenue de La Motte Picquet)

Hotel de la Paix Paris (Address: 19 Rue du Gros Caillou)

Hotel De La Place du Louvre (Address: 21, rue des Pretres-Saint-Germain-l'Auxerrois)

Hotel de la Tulipe Paris (Address: 33 Rue Malar)

Hotel de l'Arcade (Address: 9 rue de l'Arcade)

Hotel de Latour Maubourg Paris (Address: 150 Rue de Grenelle)

Hotel de l'Ocean (Address: 7 rue Mayran)

Hotel De L'Ocean (Address: 7 rue Mayran)

Hotel de l'Orchidee (Address: 65 Rue de l'Ouest)

Hotel de l'Universite (Address: 22 rue de l'universite)

Hotel De Nantes (Address: 33 Boulevard de Montparnasse)

Hotel de Neuve (Address: 14 rue neuve saint pierre)

Hotel De Neuve (Address: 14 Rue Neuve Saint Pierre)

Hotel De Prony (Address: 103 Bis Av De Villiers)

Hotel De Saint Germain (Address: 50 rue du Four)

Hotel de Sers Champs Elysees (Address: 41 Avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie)

Hotel de Sevres (Address: 22 rue de l Abbe Gregoire)

Hotel De Test Mode B1 (Address: 30 Rue de la cascade)

Hotel de Vendome (Address: 1 Place Vendome)

Hotel de Vigny (Address: 9 11 rue Balzac)

Hotel de Vigny (Address: 9-11 Rue Balzac)

Hotel De Vigny (75008) (Address: 9-11, Rue Balzac)

Hotel Derby Garibaldi (Address: 92 Boulevard Garibaldi)

Hotel des Academies et des Arts (Address: 15 rue Grande Chaumiere)

Hotel Des Arts Bastille (Address: 2 rue Godefroy Cavaignac)

Hotel Des Batignolles (Address: 26 28 rue des Batignolles)

Hotel Des Buttes Chaumont (Address: 4 Avenue Secretan)

Hotel Des Canettes (Address: 17 rue de Canettes)

Hotel des Champs Elysees (Address: 2 rue d Artois)

Hotel des Chevaliers (Address: 30 de Turenne)

Hotel Des Deux Avenues Paris (Address: 38 Rue Poncelet)

Hotel des Ducs d Anjou Paris (Address: 1 Rue Sainte Oportune)

Hotel des Grands Hommes - Hotels and Preference (Address: 17 Place du Pantheon)

HOTEL DES JARDINS DU LUXEMBOURG (Address: 5, impasse Royer Collard)

Hotel Des Saints Peres (Address: 65 Rue des Saint Peres)

Hotel des Tuileries (Address: 10 Rue Saint Hyacinthe)

Hotel du Bois (Address: 11, Rue du Dome)

Hotel Du Casino (Address: 41 rue de Clichy)

Hotel Du Chi??teau (Address: 13 Rue Du Chateau)


Hotel Du Lion (Address: 1 Avenue d General Leclerc)

Hotel du Louvre (Address: Place Andre Malraux)

Hotel Du Midi Paris Montparnasse (Address: 4 Avenue Rene Coty)

Hotel du Ministere (Address: 31 rue de Surene)

Hotel du Mont Dore (Address: 19 rue du Mont-Dore)

Hotel Du Nord et De L Est (Address: 49 rue de Malte)

Hotel Du Nord et De L Est (Address: 40 rue de Malte)

Hotel Du Parc (Address: 6 rue Jolivet)

Hotel du Plat d'Etain (Address: 69 rue Meslay)

Hotel du Pre (Address: 10 rue Pierre Semard)

Hotel Du Square d Anvers (Address: 6 Place d Anvers)

Hotel Du Theatre (Address: 5 rue De Cheroy)

Hotel Du Vieux Saule (Address: RUE DE PICARDIE, 6)

Hotel Duo (Address: 11 rue du Temple)

Hotel Duret Champs Elysees (Address: 30 rue Duret)

Hotel Edouardvi Montparnasse (Address: 61 Boulevard du Montparnasse)

Hotel Eiffel Rive Gauche (Address: 6 rue du Gros Caillou)

Hotel Eiffel Villa Garibaldi (Address: 48 Boulevard Garibaldi)

Hotel Elysee Etoile Paris (Address: 5 Rue de l etoile)

Hotel Elysee Montparnasse Chateaux Et Hotels Collection (Address: 11 Bis Rue De La Gaite)

Hotel Elysees Mermoz Paris (Address: 30 Rue Jean Mermoz)

Hotel Elysees Regencia (Address: 41, avenue Marceau)

Hotel Etoile Pereire (Address: 146 Boulevard Pereire)

Hotel Etoile Trocadero (Address: 21 Rue Saint Didier)

Hotel Europe Saint Severin (Address: Rue Saint Severin 38-40)

Hotel Excelsior (Address: 16 rue Caroline)

Hotel Exelmans (Address: 73, rue Boileau)

Hotel Faubourg 216 - 224 (Address: RUE DU FAUBOURG SAINT DENIS, 216 -224)

Hotel Favart Paris (Address: 5 rue Marivaux)

Hotel First Paris Eiffel (Address: 2 boulevard Garibaldi)

Hotel Floride Etoile (Address: 14 rue Saint Didier)

Hotel Fontaines du Luxembourg (Address: 4 Rue de Vaugirard)

Hotel Fouquets Barriere (Address: 46 Avenue George V)

Hotel France Albion (Address: 11 rue Notre Dame de Lorette)

Hotel France Albion (Address: 11 rue Notre Dame de Lorette)

Hotel France Eiffel (Address: 8 Rue Saint Charles)

Hotel France Louvre (Address: 40 Rue de Rivoli)

Hotel Francois 1er (Address: 7 Rue Magellan)

Hotel Francois 1er (Address: 7 Rue Magellan)

Hotel Gabriel Paris (Address: 25 rue du Grand Prieure)

Hotel Galileo (Address: 54 rue Galilee)

Hotel Garden Opera Paris (Address: 65 Rue du Chateau dEau)

Hotel Gat Folies (Address: 14 Rue Geoffroy Marie)

Hotel Gavarni Paris (Address: 5 rue Gavarni)

Hotel Glasgow (Address: 3 rue de la Felicite)

Hotel Hauteville Opera (Address: 41 rue d Hauteville)

Hotel Helios Opera (Address: 75, Rue De La Victoire)

Hotel Henri IV-Rive Gauche (Address: 9 to 11 rue Saint Jacques)

Hotel Hollande (Address: 4, RUE CADET)

Hotel Ibis Paris Tolbiac (Address: 177, RUE DE TOLBIAC)

Hotel Icone (Address: 4, Rue D'amboise)

Hotel Ille de France Opera (Address: 26 rue St Augustin)

Hotel Istria (Address: 29 rue Campagne Premiere)

Hotel Jardin de Villiers (Address: 18 rue Claude Pouillet)

HOTEL Jean Gabriel Montmartre (Address: 13 RUE LECLUSE)

Hotel Jules (Address: 49-51 rue LaFayette)

Hotel Keppler (Address: 10 Rue Kepler)

Hotel L’Adresse (Address: 22 Rue du Debarcadere)

Hotel La Belle Juliette (Address: 92 rue du Cherche Midi)

Hotel La Belle Juliette (Address: 92 Rue du Cherche Midi)

Hotel La Boetie (Address: 81 rue de la boetie)

Hotel La Manufacture (Address: 8 rue Philippe de Champag)

Hotel La Perle (Address: 14 rue des Canettes)

Hotel La Regence Etoile (Address: 24 AVENUE CARNOT)

Hotel Lafayette Buffault (Address: 6 Rue Buffault)

Hotel Lancaster (Address: 7 Rue De Berri, Champs-Elysees)

Hotel Le A -Champs Elysees- (Address: 4, Rue d'Artois)

Hotel Le Bellechasse (Address: 8 rue de Bellechasse)

Hotel Le Bellechasse Chateaux & Hotels Collection (Address: 8 Rue De Bellechasse)

Hotel le Belmont Paris (Address: 30 Rue de Bassano)

Hotel Le Bristol Paris (Address: 112 Rue Du Faubourg St-Honore)

Hotel Le Clery (Address: 13 Blvd Bonne Nouvelle)

Hotel Le Clos Medicis (Address: 56 Rue Monsieur Le Prince)

Hotel Le Compostelle le Marais (Address: 31 Rue du Roi de Sicile)

Hotel Le Hameau de Passy (Address: 48 rue de Passy)

Hotel Le Marquis Eiffel Tower (Address: 15 RUE DUPLEIX)

Hotel Le Moulin Plaza (Address: 39 Rue Pierre Fontaine)

Hotel Le Parnasse (Address: 79, Avenue du Maine)

Hotel Le Pavillon (Address: 54 rue Saint Dominque)

Hotel le Petit Belloy (Address: 1 rue Racine)

Hotel Le Placide (Address: 6 rue Saint Placide)

Hotel Le Vert Galant (Address: 43 Rue Croulebarbe)

Hotel Le Vignon Opera (Address: 23 Rue Vignon)

Hotel Le Walt Eiffel Tower - Paris (Address: 37 AV DE LA MOTTE PICQUET)

Hotel Les Hauts de Passy (Address: 37 Rue De L Annonciation)

Hotel Les Rives de Notre Dame (Address: 15 Quai Saint Michel)

Hotel Lodge Du Centre (Address: 6, RUE GEOFFROY MARIE)

Hotel Longchamp Elysees (Address: 68 rue de Longchamp)

Hotel Louvre Rivoli (Address: 7 Rue Jean Lantier)

Hotel Lumen Paris Louvre (Address: 15 Rue des pyramides)

Hotel Lutetia (Address: 45 Boulevard Raspail)

Hotel Luxembourg Parc (Address: 42 rue de Vaugirard)

Hotel Lyon Mulhouse Bastille (Address: 8 Boulevard Beaumarchais)

Hotel Madison (Address: 143 Boulevard Saint-Germain)

Hotel Madison Chateaux Et Hotels Collection (Address: 143, Boulevard St Germain)

Hotel Magenta (Address: 38 boulevard de Magenta)

Hotel Malar (Address: 29 rue Malar)

Hotel Malar Paris (Address: 29 Rue Malar)

Hotel Mansart (Address: 5 Rue des Capucines)

Hotel Maxim Quartier Latin (Address: 28 Rue Censier)

Hotel Mayfair (Address: 3 Rue Rouget De Lisle)

Hotel Mayflower (Address: 3 Rue De Chateaubriand)

Hotel Median Porte de Versailles (Address: 1 boulevard Victor)

Hotel Mercure Ronceray Opera (Address: 10 BOULEVARD MONTMARTRE)

Hotel Meridional (Address: 14 Rue Docteur Heulin)

Hotel Metropol (Address: 98 rue de Maubeuge)

Hotel Meurice (Address: 228 rue de Rivoli)

Hotel Mogador (Address: 51 rue de la Victoire)

Hotel Montholon Opera (Address: 15 Rue Montholon)

Hotel Montparnasse Alesia (Address: 147 TER Rue d'Alesia)

Hotel Mulhouse Paris Gare de l Est (Address: 87 Boulevard de Strasbourg)

Hotel Murat (Address: 119 bis Boulevard Murat)

Hotel Napoleon Paris (Address: 40 AVENUE DE FRIEDLAND)

Hotel Napoleon Paris (Address: 40 Avenue De Friedland)

Hotel Opera Cadet (Address: 24 rue Cadet)

Hotel Opera Daunou (Address: 6, Rue Daunou)

Hotel Opera Marigny (Address: 15 rue de l Arcade)

Hotel Opera Vivaldi (Address: 10 rue de Helder)

Hotel Paix Madeleine (Address: 22 Rue Roquepine)

Hotel Palma (Address: 46, RUE BRUNEL)

Hotel Palym (Address: 4 Rue Emile Gilbert)

Hotel Paris Bruxelles (Address: 4 Rue Meslay)

Hotel Paris Legendre (Address: 149 Rue Legendre)

Hotel Paris Rivoli (Address: 19 Rue De Rivoli)

Hotel Paris Rome (Address: 4 Rue de Provence)

Hotel Paris Villette (Address: 56, Rue Curial)

Hotel Pas De Calais (Address: 59 Rue des Saints Peres)

Hotel Passy Eiffel (Address: 10 rue de Passy)

Hotel Pavillon Bastille (Address: 65 Rue de Lyon)

Hotel Pavillon de la Reine (Address: 28 Place des Vosges)

Hotel Pavillon Monceau- Paris (Address: 43 RUE JOUFFROY D ABBANS)

Hotel Pavillon Opera Bourse (Address: 15 RUE GEOFFROY MARIE)

Hotel Pershing Hall (Address: 49, rue Pierre Charron)

Hotel Picard (Address: 26 Rue de Picardie)

HOTEL PLAZA ATHENEE (Address: 25 avenue Montaigne)

Hotel Plaza Opera (Address: 12 RUE DE MAUBEUGA)

Hotel Pont Royal (Address: 7 Rue de Montalembert)

Hotel Pont Royal - Paris (Address: 7 RUE DE MONTALEMBERT)

Hotel Powers Paris (Address: 52 Rue Francois 1ER)

Hotel Prince Albert Louvre (Address: 5 rue Sainte Hyacinthe)

Hotel Prince Albert Lyon Bercy (Address: 108 rue de Charenton)

Hotel Prince Albert Wagram (Address: 28 Passage Cardinet)

HOTEL PRINCE DE CONDE (Address: 39 rue de Seine)

HOTEL PRINCE DE CONTI (Address: 8, rue de Guenegaud)

Hotel Prince de Conti (Address: 8 Rue Guenegaud)

Hotel Prince Eugene (Address: 247 Boulevard Voltaire)

Hotel Prince Paris (Address: 66 Avenue Bosquet)

Hotel Princesse Caroline Paris (Address: 1 Bis Rue Troyon)

Hotel Printania Porte de Versailles (Address: 55 rue Olivier de Serres)

Hotel Prony (Address: 103 Bis Av. De Villiers)

Hotel Prony Elysee (Address: 103 Bis Avenue de Villiers)

Hotel Pulitzer Paris (Address: 23, Rue Du Faubourg Montmartre)

Hotel Quartier Latin (Address: 9 Rue des Ecoles)

Hotel Raphael (Address: 17 Avenue Kleber)

Hotel Regence (Address: 33, RUE ST PETERSBOURG)

Hotel Regence Paris (Address: 33 Rue De Saint-Petersbourg)

Hotel Regina (Address: 2 Place des Pyramides)

Hotel Relais Christine (Address: 3 Rue Christine)

Hotel Relais De Paris Cambronne (Address: 166 BLVD DE GRENELLE)

Hotel Relais du Pre (Address: 16 rue Pierre Semard)

HOTEL RELAIS MONCEAU (Address: 85, rue du Rocher)

Hotel Residence Cadet (Address: 7 rue Cadet)

Hotel Residence du Pre (Address: 15 rue Pierre Semard)

Hotel Residence Imperiale (Address: 155 avenue de Malakoff)

Hotel Residence Lord Byron (Address: 5, rue Chateaubriand)

Hotel Residence Quintinie (Address: 5 rue La Quintinie)

Hotel Residence Romance Malesherbes (Address: 129 rue Cardinet)

Hotel Riboutte Lafayette (Address: 5 rue Riboutte)

Hotel Ritz Paris (Address: 15 Place Vendome)

Hotel Romance Malesherbes (Address: 129 Rue Cardinet)

Hotel Royal Monceau (Address: 37 Avenue Hoche)

Hotel Royal Monceau, Paris (Address: 37 Avenue Hoche)

Hotel Royal Opera (Address: 5 rue de Castellane)

Hotel Royal Saint Honore (Address: 221 Rue Saint-Honore)

Hotel Saint Dominique (Address: 62 rue Saint Dominique)

Hotel Saint Georges Lafayette Paris (Address: 11 rue Victor Masse)

Hotel Saint Louis Bastille (Address: 114 Blvd Richard Lenoir)

Hotel Saint Louis en L isle (Address: 75 rue Saint Louis en L isle)

Hotel Saint Louis Marais (Address: 1 rue Charles V)

HOTEL SAINTE BEUVE (Address: 9 rue Sainte Beuve)

Hotel Sainte-Marie (Address: 6 Rue de la Ville Neuve)

Hotel San Regis (Address: Rue Jean Goujon 12)

Hotel Scribe Paris managed by Sofitel (Address: 1 rue Scribe)

Hotel Sezz Paris (Address: 6 Avenue Fremiet)

Hotel Sofia (Address: 21 Rue Sofia)

Hotel Square (Address: 3 Rue de Boulainvilliers)

Hotel Tamaris (Address: 14 rue des Maraichers)

Hotel Therese (Address: 5 rue Therese)

Hotel Trois Couronnes (Address: 30 rue Arc de Triomphe)

Hotel Troyon Paris (Address: 10 Rue Troyon)

Hotel Turenne le Marais (Address: 6 rue de Turenne)

Hotel Val Girard (Address: 14 Rue Petel)

Hotel Vaneau Saint Germain (Address: 86 rue Vaneau)

Hotel Verlain (Address: 97 Rue Saint Maur)

Hotel Vernet (Address: 25 rue Vernet)

Hotel Victor Masse (Address: rue Victor Masse 32bis)

Hotel Villa Fenelon Paris (Address: 23 rue Buffault)

Hotel Waldorf Arc De Triomphe And Spa (Address: 36, Rue Pierre Demours)

Hotel Waldorf Montparnasse (Address: 17 rue du Depart)

Hotel Wallace (Address: 89 rue Fondary)

Hotel Westminster (Address: 13, rue de la Paix)

Hyatt Regency ParisMadeleine (Address: 24 Boulevard Malesherbes)

ibis Daumesnil Porte Doree (Address: 111 Boulevard Poniatowski)

ibis Paris Alesia Montparnasse 14eme (Address: 49, rue des Plantes)

Ibis Paris Avenue D Italie Hotel (Address: 15, BIS AVENUE D ITALIE)

ibis Paris Avenue d'Italie 13eme (Address: 15 bis Avenue d'Italie)

ibis Paris Bastille Faubourg Saint Antoine 11eme (Address: 13 Rue Trousseau)

ibis Paris Bastille Opera 11eme (Address: 15 rue Breguet)

ibis Paris Bastille Rue de Reuilly ( Opening March 2012 ) (Address: 9 rue de Reuilly)

ibis Paris Bercy Village 12eme (Address: 19, place des Vins de France)

ibis Paris Berthier Porte de Clichy (Address: 163 bis avenue de Clichy)

ibis Paris Brancion Parc des Expositions 15eme (Address: 105, rue Brancion)

ibis Paris Convention 15eme (Address: 5 Rue Eugene Gibez)

ibis Paris Gare de L' Est 10eme (Address: 6, Rue St Laurent)

ibis Paris Gare de Lyon Diderot 12eme (Address: 31 Bis Boulevard Diderot)

ibis Paris Gare de Lyon Ledru Rollin 12eme (Address: 41/43 avenue Ledru Rollin)

ibis Paris Gare du Nord Chateau Landon 10eme (Address: 197-199 rue La Fayette)

ibis Paris Gare du Nord La Fayette 10eme (Address: 122, rue La Fayette)

ibis Paris Gare Montparnasse 15eme (Address: 71 boulevard de Vaugirard)

ibis Paris Grands Boulevards Opera 9eme (Address: 38 Rue du Faubourg Montmartre)

ibis Paris Italie Tolbiac 13eme (Address: 177, rue de Tolbiac)

ibis Paris Jemmapes 10 eme (Address: 12, rue Louis Blanc)

ibis Paris La Villette Cite des Sciences 19eme (Address: 31-35, quai de l'Oise)

ibis Paris Maine Montparnasse 14eme (Address: 160, rue du Chateau)

ibis Paris Menilmontant-Pere Lachaise 11eme (Address: 80, rue de la Folie Regnault)

ibis Paris Montmartre 18eme (Address: 5, rue Caulaincourt)

ibis Paris Opera Le Peletier (Address: 19 Rue Buffault)

ibis Paris Ornano Montmartre Nord 18eme (Address: 70 Bis Boulevard Ornano)

ibis Paris Place D'italie 13eme (Address: 25, avenue Stephen Pichon)

ibis Paris Porte de Montreuil (Address: 2, avenue du Professeur Andre)

ibis Paris Sacre Coeur 18eme (Address: 100, Boulevard Rochechouart)

ibis Paris Tour Eiffel Cambronne 15eme (Address: 2, rue Cambronne)

ibis Paris Tour Montparnasse 15eme (Address: 22 Avenue du Maine)

ibis Styles Paris Montmartre Nord (Address: 77 rue du Ruisseau)

ibis Styles Paris Pigalle Montmartre (opening March 2012) (Address: 3 rue Frochot)

Icone (Address: 4 Rue D'amboise)

Icone Hotel (Address: 4)

Ideal Hotel (Address: 96 Avenue Emile Zola)

Ideal Hotel Paris (Address: 108 Boulevard Jourdan)

Ile De France Opera (Address: 26 Rue St Augustin)

ILIADE MONTMARTRE (Address: 51 rue Letort)

INNOVA (Address: 32 boulevard Pasteur)

InterContinental PARIS - AVENUE MARCEAU (Address: 64 MARCEAU)

InterContinental PARIS - LE GRAND (Address: 2 RUE SCRIBE)

INTER-HOTEL ACROPOLE (Address: 199, boulevard Brune)

Inter-Hotel Carlton s Hotel (Address: 55, boulevard de Rochechouard)

INTER-HOTEL DELOS-VAUGIRARD (Address: 7, rue du General Beuret)

INTER-HOTEL HOTEL DU CALVADOS (Address: 20, rue d'Amsterdam)

Inter-Hotel Lecourbe (Address: 28, rue Lecourbe)

INTER-HOTEL MESLAY REPUBLIQUE (Address: 3, rue de Meslay)

JARDIN DE L ODEON (Address: 7, Rue Casimir Delavigne)

Jardin De L Odeon (Address: 7, Rue Casimir Delavigne)

Jardin de Paris Montmartre Hotel (Address: 131 Rue Ordener)

Jardins De Paris Saint Germain (Address: 28 Rue Saint Benoit)

JAYS PARIS (Address: 6, rue Copernic)

KKHOTEL CAYRE PARIS (Address: 4 Blvd Raspail)

KLEBER ELYSEES EIFFEL (Address: 7 rue de Belloy)

Konfidentiel Paris (Address: 64 rue de l arbre sec)

KUBE Hotel Paris (Address: 1 5 Passage Ruelle)

Kuntz (Address: 2, Rue Des Deux Gares)

Kyriad La Villette (Address: 147 151 AVENUE DES FLANDRES)

Kyriad Paris 10 - Gare du Nord (Address: 37 rue de Saint Quentin)

Kyriad Paris 12 - Bercy Village (Address: 17 rue Baron Le Roy)

Kyriad Paris 14 - Alesia (Address: 32 Rue des Plantes)

Kyriad Paris 15 - Lecourbe (Address: 15 rue mademoiselle)

Kyriad Paris 9 - Lafayette (Address: 11 Bis rue Pierre Semard)

Kyriad Paris 9 - Montmartre (Address: 55 Rue Jean Baptiste)

Kyriad Paris Bercy Village (Address: 17, rue Baron le Roy)

Kyriad Paris Est (Address: 4 RUE DU 8 MAI 1945)

Kyriad Paris XV - Brancion Porte de Versailles (Address: 62 rue des Morillons)

L Hotel (Address: 13 Rue Des Beaux Arts)

L Hotel De La Folie Mericourt (Address: 50 Rue De La Folie Mericourt)

La Boetie Hotel (Address: 81 RUE DE LA BOETIE)

LA BOURDONNAIS (Address: 111, avenue de la Bourdonnais)

La Demeure (Address: 51 bd saint marcel)

La Fleche D Or (Address: 29 Rue D Amterdam)

La Fleche D Or (75008) (Address: 29, Rue D' Amsterdam)

La Maison Champs Elysees (Address: 8 rue Jean Goujon)

LA MAISON MONTPARNASSE (Address: 53 rue Gergovie)

La Manufacture (Address: 8 Rue Philippe de Champagne)

La Regence Etoile Hotel Paris (Address: 24 Avenue Carnot)

La Reserve Paris (Address: 10 Place du Trocadero)

LA RESIDENCE HOTELHOME (Address: 36 Rue George Sand)

La Residence Montparnasse (Address: 14 Rue Stanislas)

La Tremoille (Address: 14 Rue de la Tremoille)

LA VIEILLE FRANCE (Address: 151 rue Lafayette)

La Villa Maillot (Address: 143, avenue de Malakoff)

La Villa Maillot Paris (Address: 143 avenue de Malakoff)

Lautrec Opera (Address: 8-10 Rue D'amboise)

Lautrec Opera (75002) (Address: 8-10 Rue Di??amboise)

Le 123 Elysees (Address: 123 RUE DU FABOURG ST HONORE)

Le 20 Prieure Hotel (Address: 20 rue du Grand Prieure)

Le 61 Paris Nation (Address: 61 Rue De La Voute)

Le A (Address: 4 Rue D Artois)

Le Burgundy 5 Star (Address: 6 to 8 Rue Duphot)

LE CARDINAL (Address: 3, rue Cardinal Mercier)

LE CHAPLAIN PARIS RIVE GAUCHE (Address: 11 bis, rue Jules Chaplain)

Le Clos d Alesia Hotel Paris (Address: 8 Rue Friant)

Le Fabe Hotel (Address: 113 rue de l Ouest)

Le General Hotel (Address: 5 a 7 Rue Rampon)

Le Jardin De Neuilly Elysees (Address: 5 Rue Paul Deroulede)

Le Kube (Address: 1-5 Passage Ruelle)

Le Lavoisier (Address: 21, Rue Lavoisier)

Le Lavoisier (Address: 21, rue Lavoisier)

Le Marceau Bastille (75012) (Address: 13, Rue Jules Cesar)

Le Mathurin (Address: 43 Rue des Mathurins)

Le Mathurin (75008) (Address: 43, Rue Des Mathurins)

Le Meridien Etoile (Address: 81 Boulevard Gouvion Saint-Cyr)

LE MEURICE (Address: 228 rue de Rivoli)

Le Moulin Plaza Hotel (Address: 39 RUE FONTAINE)

LE NOTRE DAME (Address: 1, quai Saint Michel)

Le Pavillon des Lettres (Address: 12 rue des Saussaies)

Le Pera (Address: 17, Rue Caumartin)

Le Petit Manoir (Address: 11 rue de Montholon, 75009)

LE PETIT PARIS (Address: 214 rue Saint Jacques)

Le Quartier Bercy Square (Address: 33 Bd de Reuilly)

Le Quartier Republique Le Marais (Address: 39 Rue J. Pierre Timbaud)

Le Regent (Address: 61 rue Dauphine)

Le Relais Monceau (Address: 85 Rue du Rocher)

Le Relais Saint Jacques Hotel (Address: 3 Rue De L Abbe De L Epee)

Le Relais Saint Sulpice (Address: 3 Rue Garanciere)

Le Royal Monceau (Address: 37 Avenue Hoche)

Le Royal Monceau Raffles Paris (Address: 37 Avenue Hoche)

Le Saint Gregoire (Address: 43, Rue de L'Abbee Gregoire)

Le Saint Gri??goire (Address: 43, Rue De L'abbi??-gri??goire)

Le Senat Hotel (Address: 10 Rue De Vaugirard)

LE SINGULIER (Address: 38, rue Saint Didier)

Le Six Saint Germain Hotel (Address: 14 Rue Stanislas)


Le Squara (Address: 3 Rue Lepic)

Le Standard Design Hotel (Address: 29 rue des Taillandiers)

Le Standard Design Hotel Chateaux Et Hotels Collection (Address: 29, Rue Des Taillandiers)

Le Tourville Hotel (Address: 16 Avenue De Tourville)

LE TWELVE (Address: 82 Av du Docteur Arnold Netter)

Legend Saint Germain (Address: 151 Bis Rue de Rennes)

L'empire Paris (75001) (Address: 48 Rue De L'arbre Sec)

L'empire Paris (75001) (Address: 48 Rue De L'arbre Sec)

Lenna Of Hobart (Address: 36 Rue De La Croix Saint Simon)

Lenox Montparnasse Hotel (Address: 15 Rue Delambre)

LENOX SAINT GERMAIN (Address: 9 rue de l universite)

Les Appartements Helzear Saint Honore (Address: 166 rue du Faubourg Saint Honore)

LES JARDINS D ALESIA (Address: 34, rue Alesia)

Les Jardins d Eiffel (Address: 8 Rue Amelie)

Les Jardins de la Villa (Address: 5 Rue Belidor)

Les Jardins du Luxembourg (Address: 5 Impasse Royer Collard)

Les Jardins du Marais (Address: 74 Rue Amelot)

Libertel Austerlitz Jardin des plantes (Address: 12 boulevard de l'Hopital)

Libertel Canal Saint Martin (Address: 5 avenue Secretan)

Libertel Gare de lEst Francais (Address: 13 rue du 8 mai 1945)

Libertel Gare du Nord - Suede (Address: 106 bd de Magenta)

Libertel Montmartre Duperre (Address: 332 rue Duperre)

LIEGE STRASBOURG (Address: 67 boulevard de Strasbourg)

Lilas Gambetta (Address: 223, Av Gambetta)

LITTLE (Address: 3, rue Pierre Chausson)

Littre Saint Germain Hotel (Address: 9 Rue Littre)

Lodge Du Centre (75009) (Address: 6. Rue Geoffroy Marie)

Londres Et New York Hotel (Address: 15 Place Du Havre)

Lorette Opera Hotel (Address: Rue Notre Dame De Lorette 36)

Losserand Montparnasse (75014) (Address: 76, Rue Raymond Losserand)

LOUIS II (Address: 2, rue Saint Sulpice)

LOUVRE MARSOLLIER OPERA (Address: 13, rue Marsollier)

LOUVRE MONTPENSIER (Address: 12 rue de Richelieu)

LOUVRE SAINTE ANNE OPERA (Address: 32, rue Sainte Anne)

Ls/ Opera Drouot (Address: 2, Geoffroy Marie)

Ls/ Opera Grands Boulevards (Address: 11, Rue Geoffroy Marie)

Ls/ Pavillon Republique Les Halles (Address: 7-9, Rue Pierre Chausson)

Ls/ Pavillon Saint Augustin (Address: 16, Rue De La Pepiniere)

Ls/ Pavillon Villiers Etoile (Address: 6, Rue Lebouteux)

Ls/ Villa Royale (Address: 2, Rue Duperre)

LUTECE (Address: 5, rue de Langeac)

Lyon Bastille (Address: 3 Rue Parrot)

Lyon Bastille (Address: 3 rue Parrot)

Lyon Bastille Hotel (Address: 3 Rue Parrot)

Lyon Mulhouse (Address: 8 Boulevard Beaumarchais)

Mac Mahon Hotel (Address: 3 Avenue Mac Mahon)

Maison du Pre (Address: 88 rue de Maubeuge)

Malte Opera Hotel (Address: 63 RUE DE RICHELIEU)

MAMA SHELTER (Address: 109 rue de Bagnolet)

Mandarin Oriental Paris (Address: 251 rue Saint Honore)

Marignan Champs-Elysees (Address: 12 Rue De Marignan)

Marys (Address: 15 rue de Malte)

MASSENA (Address: 16, rue Tronchet)

Median Paris Congres (Address: 6-8 Boulevard de Douaumont)

Median Porte De Versailles (Address: 1, Boulevard Victor)

Melia Alexander Boutique Hotel (Address: 102 Avenue Victor Hugo)

Melia Colbert Boutique Hotel (Address: 7 Rue de l hotel colbert)

Melia Royal Alma (Address: 35 Rue Jean Goujon)

Melia Vendome Boutique Hotel (Address: 8 Rue Cambon)

Mercure Paris Arc de Triomphe Etoile (Address: 27 avenue des Ternes)

Mercure Paris Arc de Triomphe Wagram (Address: 3 rue Brey)

Mercure Paris Austerlitz Bibliotheque (Address: 6, boulevard Vincent Auriol)

Mercure Paris Bastille Saint Antoine (Address: 64 Rue Crozatier)

Mercure Paris Centre Tour Eiffel (Address: 20 rue Jean Rey)

Mercure Paris Champs Elysees (Address: 51 rue Lauriston)

Mercure Paris Gare de L Est Magenta (Address: 1-3 Cour de la Ferme St Lazare)

Mercure Paris Gare de Lyon (Address: 2 place Louis Armand)

Mercure Paris Gare Montparnasse (Address: 20 rue de la Gaite)

Mercure Paris Gobelins Place d'Italie (Address: 8 bis avenue de la Soeur Rosalie)

Mercure Paris Haussmann St Augustin (Address: 20 rue Roquepine)

Mercure Paris La Sorbonne (Address: 14 rue de la Sorbonne)

Mercure Paris Lafayette (Address: 7 rue de Trevise)

Mercure Paris Montmartre Sacre Coeur (Address: 3 rue Caulaincourt)

Mercure Paris Monty Opera (Address: 5 rue de Montyon)

Mercure Paris Opera Cusset (Address: 95 Rue de Richelieu)

Mercure Paris Opera Garnier (Address: 4 rue de l 'Isly)

Mercure Paris Place d'Italie (Address: 25 boulevard Auguste Blanqui)

Mercure Paris Plaza Pont Mirabeau (Address: 10 Avenue Emile Zola)

Mercure Paris Raspail Montparnasse (Address: 207 boulevard Raspail)

Mercure Paris Royal Madeleine (Address: 29 rue de l'arcade)

Mercure Paris Stendhal Place Vendome (Address: 22 rue Danielle Casanova)

Mercure Paris Terminus Nord (Address: 12 Boulevard de Denain)

Mercure Paris Tour Eiffel Grenelle (Address: 64 boulevard de Grenelle)

Mercure Paris Vaugirard Porte de Versailles (Address: 69 boulevard Victor)

Mercure Paris Voltaire Quartier Bastille (Address: 53 rue Richard Lenoir)

Mercure Paris XV (Address: 6, rue Saint Lambert)

Mercure Raspail Montparnasse (Address: 207 BOULEVARD RASPAIL)

Mercure Tour Eiffel Hotel (Address: 64 BD DE GRENELLE)

MESLAY REPUBLIQUE (Address: 3, rue Meslay)


METROPOLE OPERA (Address: 2 rue de Gramont)

Millennium Hotel Opera Paris (Address: 12 Boulevard Haussmann)

Millennium Opera Paris (Address: 12 Boulevard Haussman)

Minotel de Geni??ve (Address: 36 rue de Londres)

Minotel London (Address: 32, boulevard des Italiens)

Minotel Marena (Address: 27 rue de la Tour-d'Auvergne)

Mirific (Address: 119 Av. De Clichy)

MODERN (Address: 121, rue du Chemin Vert)

MODERN HOTEL (Address: 3 rue Forest)

Moderne Saint Germain (Address: 33 rue des Ecoles)

Mon Hotel (Address: 1 Rue d'Argentine)

Mon Hotel (Address: 1 Rue d'Argentine)

Monceau Wagram Hotel (Address: RUE RENNEQUIN 7)

Monceau Wagram-arc Triomphe (Address: 7, Rue Rennequin ( 75017 ))

MONCEAU-ELYSEES (Address: 108, rue de Courcelles)

MONNA LISA PARIS (Address: 97 Rue la Boetie)

Montalembert (Address: 3, Rue De Montalembert)

Monterosa (Address: 30 rue La Bruyere)

Montholon (Address: 15 Rue De Montholon)

Montparnasse Alesia (Address: 147 Ter Rue D?alesia)

Montsouris Orleans (Address: 15 rue Beaunier)

Moris Grands Boulevards (Address: 13 Rue Rene Boulanger)

Moulin Plaza (Address: 39 Rue Fontaine)

MOULIN VERT (Address: 74, rue du Moulin Vert)

MURANO Resort (Address: 13 Boulevard du Temple)

Murano Resort Paris (Address: 13 Boulevard Du Temple)

Murano Resort Paris (Address: 13, Boulevard Du Temple)

Murat (Address: 119 Bis Bd Murat)

My Hotel In France Le Marais (Address: 2 Bis Rue Commines)

My Hotel In France Montmartre (Address: 57, Rue Des Abbesses)

My Hotel In France Montmartre (Address: 57 Rue Des Abbesses)

My Hotel in France Opera St Georges (Address: 7 Rue De Navarin)

Napoleon (Address: 40, Avenue De Friedland)

Nation Montmartre (Address: 4 rue Boissieu)

Neuilly Park Hotel Paris (Address: 23 rue Madeleine Michelis)

NEVA ELYSEES (Address: 14, rue Brey)

New Hotel Candide (Address: 3 rue Petion 75011)

New Hotel Candide (Address: 3 Rue Petion)

New Hotel Opera (Address: 4 rue de Liege)

New Hotel Roblin (Address: 6, rue Chauveau Lagarde)

New Hotel Saint Lazare (Address: 53 rue d'Amsterdam)

Newton Opera (Address: 11 Bis Rue De L'arcade)

Newton Opera Hotel (Address: 11/ Bis Rue De L Arcade)

Newton Opera Hotel (Address: 11 Bis Rue De L'Arcade)

Newton Opera Hotel (Address: 11, BIS RUE DE L ARCADE)

Niel (Address: 11 Rue Saussier Leroy)

NIEL ELYSEES (Address: 11 rue Saussier Leroy)

NORD ET CHAMPAGNE (Address: 11 rue de Chabrol)

Normandy (Address: Rue De L' Echelle, 7)

Normandy Hotel (Address: 7 Rue De L'Echelle)

NOUVEL EIFFEL (Address: 5, rue des Volontaires)

NOVANOX MONTPARNASSE (Address: 155, boulevard du Montparnasse)

Novotel Paris 17 Porte d'Asnieres (Address: 34 Av Porte d 'Asnieres)

Novotel Paris Bercy (Address: 85 rue de Bercy)

Novotel Paris Gare de Lyon (Address: 2 rue Hector Malot)

Novotel Paris Gare Montparnasse (Address: 17 rue du Cotentin)

Novotel Paris Les Halles (Address: 8 Place Marguerite de Navarre)

Novotel Paris Porte D'Orleans (Address: 15 boulevard Romain Rolland)

Novotel Paris Tour Eiffel (Address: 61 quai de Grenelle)

Novotel Paris Vaugirard Montparnasse (Address: Hotel Novotel Vaugirard)

Oasis Montparnasse (Address: 81 rue raymond Losserand)

Odeon Hotel (Address: 3 rue de l'Odeon)

Odeon St Germain (Address: 13 Rue Saint Sulpice)

Odessa Montparnasse (Address: 28 Rue D Odessa)

One By The Five (Address: 3 Rue Flatters)

Opera Cadet Hotel (Address: 24 Rue Cadet)

OPERA DEAUVILLE (Address: 40 rue d Amsterdam)

Opera Frochot (Address: 4 Rue Frochot)

OPERA FROCHOT (Address: 4 rue Frochot)

Opera Lafayette (Address: 80 Rue La Fayette)

Opera Lafayette (Address: 80, Rue Lafayette)

Orion Paris Haussmann (Address: 2 rue des Mathurins)

Paix Republique (Address: 2 Bis Boulevard Saint Martin)

PAIX REPUBLIQUE (Address: 2 bis, boulevard Saint Martin)

Palmon Opera Hotel (Address: 30, RUE DE MAUBEUGE)

Paname Hotel Bastille (Address: 64, rue Crozatier)

Paname Hotel Bastille (Address: 64 Rue Crozatier)

Paradis (Address: 41 Rue des Petites Ecurie)

Paradis (Address: 41 Rue Des Petites Ecuries)

PARC SAINT-SEVERIN (Address: 22 rue de la Parcheminerie)

Paris Eiffel Cambronne (Address: 166 Bd De Grenelle)

Paris Est Lafayette (Address: 7 Rue Des Petits Hotels)

Paris Est Lafayette (Address: 7 Rue Des Petits Hotels)

Paris Hilton (Address: 18 Avenue de Suffren)

Paris Hotel ( 75009 ) (Address: 23, Rue Henry-monnier)

Paris Hotel (Ewh) (Address: 23, RUE HENRI MONNIER)

Paris Hotel Gare De Lyon (Address: 3 RUE D AUSTERLITZ)

PARIS LEGENDRE (Address: 149, rue Legendre)

Paris Marriott Hotel Champs-Elysees (Address: 70 Avenue des Champs-Elysees)

Paris Marriott Rive Gauche Hotel & Conference Center (Address: 17 Boulevard Saint Jacques)

Parisiana (Address: 21 Rue Chabrol)

Parisiana Hotel Paris (Address: 21 rue de Chabrol)

Park And Suites Grande Bibliotheque (Address: 15 RUE DE TOLBIAC)

Park Hyatt ParisVendome (Address: 5 Rue de la Paix)

Park Lane Paris (Address: 4 Rue De La Boetie)

Park Lane Paris (Address: 4, Rue De La Boetie)

Park Lane Paris (Address: 4 Rue De La Boetie)

PARK SUITES PRESTIGE PARIS 13 (Address: 70 avenue de France)

Pavillon Bercy Gare de Lyon (Address: 209-211 Rue De Charenton)

Pavillon Courcelles Parc Monceau (Address: 25, Rue Saussure)

PAVILLON DE MONTMARTRE (Address: 5 rue Aristide Bruand)

Pavillon Losserand Montparnasse Hotel (Address: 76 RUE RAYMOND LOSSERAND)

Pavillon Louvre Rivoli (Address: 20 Rue Moliere)

Pavillon Louvre Rivoli (75001) (Address: 20, Rue Moliere)

Pavillon Monceau (Address: 43 Rue Jouffroy D'abbans)

Pavillon Monceau Hotel (Address: 43 RUE JOUFFROY D ABBANS)

Pavillon Monceau Hotel (Address: 43 Rue Jouffroy D'Abbans)

PAVILLON MONTAIGNE (Address: 34, rue Jean Mermoz)

Pavillon Montparnasse (Address: 76 Rue Raymond Losserand)

Pavillon Nation (Address: 13 Boulevard de Charonne)

Pavillon Nation (Address: 13 Boulevard De Charonne)

Pavillon Nation (75011) (Address: 13 Boulevard De Charonne)

Pavillon Opera (Address: 38, Rue De L'echiquier)

Pavillon Opera Bourse (Address: 15 Rue Geoffroy Marie)

Pavillon Opera Bourse (75009) (Address: 15, Rue Geoffroy Marie)

Pavillon Opera Grands Blvds (Address: 11 Rue Geoffrey Marie)

Pavillon Opera Hotel Paris (Address: 38 rue de l Echiquier)

PAVILLON OPERA LAFAYETTE (Address: 23, rue de la Tour d Auvergne)

Pavillon Parc Monceau (Address: 25 Rue de Saussure)

Pavillon Pereire Arc de Triomphe (Address: 51 Boulevard Pereire)

Pavillon Porte de Versailles (Address: 37 Rue Du Hameau)

Pavillon Porte De Versailles (Address: 37, Rue Du Hameau)

Pavillon Republique Les Halles (Address: 7 a 9 Rue Pierre Chausson)

Pavillon Saint Augustin (Address: 16 Rue de la Pepiniere)

Pavillon Saint Louis Bastille (Address: 66 rue de Charenton)

Pavillon Villiers Etoile (Address: 6 Rue Lebouteux)

Peletier Haussmann Opera (Address: 15, Rue Le Peletier)

PELETIER HAUSSMANN OPERA (Address: 15 rue le Peletier)

Pereire Arc De Triomphe (75017 (Address: 51, Boulevard Pereire)

Place Clichy (Address: 71, Rue De Douai)

Platine (Address: 20 Rue Ingenieur Robert Keller)

Plaza Opera Hotel (Address: 12 Rue De Maubeuge)

Plaza Tour Eiffel Hotel (Address: 32 Rue Greuze)

POINTE RIVOLI (Address: 125, rue Saint Antoine)

Porte de Versailles Hotel (Address: 11 Boulevard Victor)

Poussin Hotel Paris (Address: Rue Poussin 52)

Pratic Hotel (Address: 9 rue d'Ormesson)

Prince de Conde (Address: 39 Rue de Seine)

Prince de Galles, Paris (Address: 33 Avenue George V)

Prince Hotel Forum Paris (Address: 83 Rue Rambuteau)

PRINCE MONCEAU (Address: 9 rue Tarbe)

Prince Regent (Address: 28 rue Monsieur)

Provinces Opera (Address: 36 Rue de L Echiquier)

Pullman Paris Bercy (Address: 1 rue de Libourne)

Pullman Paris Montparnasse (Address: 19 Rue Commandant Rene Mouchotte)

Pullman Paris Rive Gauche (Address: 8-12, rue Louis Armand)

Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel (Address: 18 avenue de Suffren)

PV Aparthotel Champs Elysees (Address: 129-131 Boulevard Haussmann)

PV Aparthotel Defense Centre (Address: 73 Avenue Gambetta)

PV City Aparthotel Montmartre (Address: 10 Place Charles Dullin)

PV City Aparthotel Parc Expo (Address: 20 Rue Doradour-Sur-Glane)

PV City Aparthotel Paris 19 (Address: 3-5 Cours Du 7eme Art)

PV City Aparthotel Paris Bercy (Address: 1-7 Cour Du Minervois)

PV City Apparhotel Paris Tour Eiffel (Address: 14, rue du Theatre)

Quality Hotel Abaca Paris 15th (Address: 330 rue de Vaugirard)

Quality Hotel Axel Opera (Address: 15 rue de Montyon)

Quality Hotel Malesherbes (Address: 11, place Saint Augustin)

Quality Hotel Opera Saint Lazare (Address: 15, rue Constantinople)

Quality Hotel Opera Saint Lazare (Address: 15 RUE DE CONSTANTINOPLE)

Quality Hotel Paris Orleans (Address: 185 Boulevard Brune)

Quality Hotel Paris Orleans (Address: 185-187 Boulevard Brune)

Quality Hotel Paris Orleans (Address: 185-187 BOULEVARD BRUNE)

Quality Suites Bercy Bibliotheque (Address: 15, rue de Tolbiac)

Queen Mary Hotel Paris (Address: 9 rue de Greffulhe)

Radisson Blu Ambassador Hotel, Paris Opera (Address: 16 Boulevard Haussmann)

Radisson Blu Hotel Champs Elysees, Paris (Address: 78 Bis, Avenue Marceau)

Radisson Blu Hotel, Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport (Address: Le Mesnil-Amelot)

Radisson Blu Hotel, Paris-Boulogne (Address: Avenue Edouard Vaillant 31-33)

Radisson Blu Le Dokhan's Hotel, Paris Trocadero (Address: 117 Rue Lauriston)

Radisson Blu Le Metropolitan Hotel, Paris Eiffel (Address: 10 Place De Mexico)

Ramada Paris Tour Eiffel (Address: 102, Bd De Grenelle)

Ramada Paris Tour Eiffel (Address: 102 boul de Grenelle)

Recamier Hotel Paris (Address: 3 Bis Place Saint Sulpice)

Regence (Address: 33 Rue Saint Petersbourg)

Regetel Berne Opera (Address: 37 Rue De Berne)

Regetel Corona Opera (Address: 8 Cite Bergere)

Regetel Des Nations Saint Germain (Address: 54 Rue Monge)

Regetel Eiffel Capitol (Address: 9 Rue Viala)

Regetel Touraine Opera (Address: 73 Rue Taitbout)

Regetel Yllen Eiffel (Address: 196 Rue De Vaugirard)

Regina Eiffel (Address: 6 Rue De La Tour)

Regina Opera Hotel (Address: RUE MAZAGRAN 11 BIS)

Relais Bergson (Address: 124 Av. Simon Bolivar)

RELAIS BOSQUET (Address: 19 rue du Champ de Mars)

Relais Bosquet Hotel Tour Eiffel (Address: 19 Rue Du Champ De Mars)

Relais De Paris Eiffel Cambronne (Address: 166 Boulevard De Grenelle)

Relais De Paris Lafayette Hotel (Address: 7, RUE DES PETITS HOTELS)

Relais Du Louvre (Address: 19 Rue Pretres Saint Germain L-Auxerrois)

RELAIS DU LOUVRE (Address: 19 rue des pretres St Germain l Auxerrois)

Relais Du Marais (Address: 76 Rue De Turbigo)

RELAIS HOTEL DU VIEUX PARIS (Address: 9 rue Git le Coeur)

RELAIS MEDICIS (Address: 23, rue Racine)

RELAIS SAINT GERMAIN (Address: 9, Carrefour de l Odeon)

RELAIS SAINT SULPICE (Address: 3, rue Garanciere)

Renaissance Paris Arc de Triomphe Hotel (Address: 39 Avenue de Wagram)

Renaissance Paris La Defense Hotel (Address: 60 Jardin de Valmy)

Renaissance Paris Le Parc Trocadero Hotel (Address: 55-57 Avenue Raymond Poincare)

Renaissance Paris Vendome Hotel (Address: 4, Rue du Mont Thabor)

Renoir Hotel (Address: 39 Rue Montparnasse)

RESIDENCE CHATILLON (Address: 108 avenue du General Leclerc)

RESIDENCE DES ARTS (Address: 14 rue Git le Coeur)

Residence du Palais (Address: 78 rue d'Assas)

Residence du Roy H&P (Address: 8 rue Francois 1er)

Residence du Roy Hotel (Address: 8 Rue Francois 1ER)

RESIDENCE FOCH (Address: 10, rue Marbeau)

RESIDENCE HENRI IV (Address: 50, rue des Bernardins)

Residence Nell (Address: 60 rue Richer)

Residence Richemont (Address: 17 rue Jean Colly)

Residence Richemont (Address: 17, Rue Jean Colly)

Residence Villa Daubenton (Address: 34 rue de l arbalete)

Residhome Paris Opera (Address: 30 rue Joubert)

Residhome Prestige Paris Opera (Address: RUE JOUBERT 30)

RESIDHOTEL IMPERIAL RENNEQUIN (Address: 32-34 rue Rennequin)

RIBOUTTE LAFAYETTE (Address: 5 rue Riboutte)

Richmond Opera Hotel (Address: 11 Rue Du Helder)

Ritz Hotel (Address: 15 Place Vendome)

Rochester Champs-Elysees Hotel (Address: 92 Rue La Boetie)

ROMA SACRE COEUR (Address: 101, rue Caulaincourt)

Roma Sacre Coeur Hotel (Address: 101 Rue Caulaincourt)

Royal Bastille (Address: 14 Rue La Roquette)

Royal Bergere (Address: 8 Rue Geoffroy Marie)

ROYAL BERGERE (Address: 8, Rue Geoffroy Marie)

Royal Elysees (Address: 6 Avenue Victor Hugo)

Royal Fromentin (Address: 11 rue Fromentin)

Royal Fromentin Hotel (Address: 11 rue Fromentin)

Royal Garden Champs Elysee (Address: 218-220 Rue Du Faubourg Saint-honore)

Royal Garden Champs Elysees Hotel (Address: 218,220)

Royal Hotel (Address: 33 Avenue De Friedland)

Royal Hotel Colisee (Address: 7 rue du colisee)

ROYAL MAGDA ETOILE (Address: 7, rue Troyon)

Royal Saint Germain (Address: 159 rue de Rennes)

Royal Saint Germain (Address: 159, Rue De Rennes)

Saint Augustin (Address: 9 Rue Roy)

Saint Augustin Hotel (Address: 9, RUE ROY)

SAINT CHRISTOPHE (Address: 17, rue Lacepede)

SAINT GERMAIN DES PRES (Address: 36, rue Bonaparte)

Saint Germain Hotel (Address: 88 Rue Du Bac)

Saint Germain Observatoire (Address: 107 Boulevard Saint Michel)

Saint James and Albany Hotel (Address: 202 rue de Rivoli)

Saint James and Albany Hotel Spa (Address: 202 Rue De Rivoli)

Saint James Paris (Address: 43 Avenue Bugeaud)

SAINT PAUL LE MARAIS (Address: 8, rue Sevigne)

SAINT PAUL RIVE GAUCHE (Address: 43 Rue Monsieur Le Prince)

Saint Petersbourg Hotel (Address: 33-35 Rue Caumartin)

SAINT THOMAS D AQUIN (Address: 3, rue du Pre aux Clercs)

SAINT VINCENT (Address: 5 rue du Pres au Clercs)

Sainte Beuve (Address: 9 Rue Sainte Beuve)

Sejours et Affaires Paris Vitry (Address: 108 boulevard de Stalingrad)

Select Hotel Paris (Address: 1 Place de la Sorbonne)

Seven Hotel (Address: 20 Rue Berthollet)

Seven Latin Quarter (Address: 20 rue Berthollet)

Sevigne (Address: 2 Rue Malher)

SEVRES SAINT GERMAIN (Address: 22 rue Saint Placide)

Sevres Saint Germain Hotel (Address: 22 Rue Saint Placide)

Sezz (Address: 6 Rue Fremiet)

Shangri-La Hotel Paris (Address: 10 Avenue d Iena)

Sofitel Paris Arc de Triomphe (Address: 14 rue Beaujon)

Sofitel Paris Champs Elysees (Address: 8 rue Jean Goujon)

Sofitel Paris Le Faubourg (Address: 15, rue Boissy d'Anglas)

Sofitel Paris Trocadero Dokhan's (Address: 117 rue Lauriston)

Soft (Address: 52 Bis Rue Des Vinaigriers)

Sophie Germain (Address: 12 Rue Sophie Germain)

Splendid Etoile Hotel (Address: 1 Avenue Carnot)

SQUARE D ANVERS (Address: 6, Place d Anvers)

Standard Design (Address: 29 RUE DE TAILLANDIERS)

Standard Design Hotel (Address: 29 Rue Des Taillandiers)

STELLA ETOILE (Address: 20, avenue Carnot)

SUBLIM EIFFEL (Address: 94 boulevard Garibaldi)

Suite Novotel Paris Porte de la Chapelle (Address: 1 Impasse Marteau)

Suite Novotel Paris Porte de Montreuil (Address: 22 Avenue du professeur lemierre)

Sully Saint-Germain (Address: 29-31 Rue Des Ecoles)

Tamaris (Address: 14 rue des Mara�chers)

TAYLOR (Address: 6, rue Taylor)

Terminus Orleans Paris (Address: 197 Boulevard Brune)

TERMINUS VAUGIRARD (Address: 403 rue de Vaugirard)

Terrass Hotel, Hotels & Preference (Address: 12, rue Joseph de Maistre)

The Ascott Arc De Triomphe (Address: 81 Avenue Kleber)

The Five (Address: 3 Rue Flatters)

THE FIVE HOTEL (Address: 3, rue Flatters)

The Westin Paris - Vendome (Address: 3 Rue De Castiglione)

Timhotel Berthier Paris 17 (Address: 4 Boulevard Berthier)

Timhotel Elysee Montparnasse (Address: 11 Bis Rue de la Gaite)

TIMHOTEL ELYSEE MONTPARNASSE (Address: 11 bis rue de la Gaite)

Timhotel Gaite Montparnasse (Address: 8 Rue D Odessa)

Timhotel Gare Du Nord (Address: 10 RUE PHILIPPE GIRARD)

Timhotel Gare Du Nord (Address: 10 Rue Philippe De Girard)

Timhotel Italie - Bercy (Address: 22 RUE BARRAULT)

Timhotel Jardins des Plantes (Address: 5 Rue Linne)

Timhotel Le Louvre (Address: 4 Rue Croix Des Petits Champs)

Timhotel Louvre (Address: 4, RUE CROIX DES PETITS CHAMPS)

Timhotel Montmartre (Address: 11, RUE RAVIGNAN)

Timhotel Montmartre (Address: 11 Rue Ravignan)

Timhotel Montparnasse (Address: 22 RUE DE L ARRIVEE)

Timhotel Montparnasse (Address: 22 Rue De L'Arrivee)

Timhotel Nation (Address: 5 Et 7 Rue D'Avron)

Timhotel Opera Madeleine (Address: 113 Rue Saint Lazare)

Timhotel Opera Madeleine (Address: 113 RUE SAINT LAZARE)

Timhotel Palais Royal (Address: 3 Rue De La Banque)

Timhotel Palais Royal Louvre Hotel (Address: 3, RUE DE LA BANQUE)

Timhotel Paris Boulogne (Address: 92 Blvd De La Republique)

Timhotel Paris Gare de Lyon (Address: 1 bis 2 rue d Austerlitz)

Timhotel Place Dltalie (Address: 22 Rue Barrault)

Timhotel Saint Georges (Address: 21 Boulevard De Clichy)

Timhotel Tour Eiffel (Address: 11 Rue Juge)

Tonic Du Louvre (Address: 12-14 Rue Du Roule)

Tonic Hotel du Louvre (Address: 12 rue du Roule)

TOP Garden Elysee Hotel Paris (Address: 12 rue Saint-Didier)

Touraine Opera (Address: 73 Rue Taitbout)

Transcontinental (Address: 155 Avenue Du Maine)

Triangle d Or Paris - Fully Renovated (Address: 6 rue Godot de Mauroy)

Triangle D'or (Address: 6 Rue Godot De Mauroy)

Trianon Gare De Lyon Hotel (Address: 52 BOULEVARD DIDEROT)

Trocadero La Tour (Address: 5 Bis, Rue Massenet)

TRYP Paris Blanche Fontaine (Address: 34 Rue Pierre Fontaine)

TRYP Paris De Saxe (Address: 9 Villa de Saxe)

TRYP Paris Francois Hotel (Address: 3 Blvd Montmartre)

Unic Hotel (Address: 56 Rue Montparnasse)

VALADON COLORS (Address: 16, rue Valadon)

VENDOME SAINT GERMAIN (Address: 8, rue d Arras)

Viator (Address: 1 Rue Parrot)

Victoires Opera (Address: 56 Rue Montorgueil)

Victoires Opera (75002) (Address: 56, Rue De Montorgueil)

Victoires Opera Hotel (Address: 56 Rue Montorgueil)

Victoria Hotel (Address: 2BIS CITE BERGERE)

Victoria Palace Hotel (Address: 6 rue Blaise Desgoffe)

VILLA D ESTREES (Address: 17 rue git le Coeur)

Villa Alessandra (Address: 9 Place Boulnois)

Villa Alessandra (75017) (Address: 9, Place Boulnois)

Villa and Hotel Majestic -Spa (Address: 30 rue La Perouse)

Villa Beaumarchais (Address: 5 Rue Des Arquebusiers)

Villa Beaumarchais (75003) (Address: 5, Rue Des Arquebusiers)

Villa Bellagio Paris XI (Address: Rue Moret 9)

VILLA BRUNEL (Address: 46, rue Brunel)

Villa des Ambassadeurs (Address: 6 Rue du Bouquet de Longchamp)

Villa Des Ambassadeurs (75016) (Address: 6, Rue Bouquet De Longchamp)

Villa des Princes (Address: 19 Rue Monsieur Le Prince)

Villa Des Ternes Hotel (Address: 97 Avenue Des Ternes)

VILLA DU MAINE (Address: 20 rue Ledion)

Villa Eugenie (Address: 167 Rue de Rome)

Villa Eugenie (Address: 167 Rue De Rome)

Villa Glamour (Address: 85 Rue De La Pompe)

VILLA GLAMOUR TOUR EIFFEL (Address: 85 rue de la Pompe)

Villa Lutece Port Royal (75013 (Address: 52, Rue Jenner)

Villa Lutece Port-Royal (Address: 52 Rue Jenner)

Villa Luxembourg (Address: 121 Bd Du Montparnasse)

Villa Luxembourg (75006) (Address: 121, Boulevard Du Montparnasse)

Villa Madame (Address: 44 Rue Madame)

Villa Maillot Hotel (Address: 143 Avenue Malakoff)

VILLA MAZARIN PARIS (Address: 6 rue des Archives)

Villa Modigliani (Address: 13 Rue Delambre)

Villa Montparnasse (Address: 2 Rue Boulard)

Villa Montparnasse (75014) (Address: 2, Rue Boulard)

Villa Opera Drouot (Address: 2 Rue Geoffroy Marie)

Villa Opera Lamartine (75009) (Address: 39, Rue Lamartine)

Villa Pantheon (Address: 41, rue des Ecoles)

Villa Pantheon (75005) (Address: 41, Rue Des Ecoles)

Villa Royale (Address: 2 Rue Duperre)

Villa Royale Montsouris (Address: Rue Tombe Issoire 144)

Villa Royale Montsouris (Address: 144, RUE DE LA TOMBE ISSOIRE)

Villa Royale Montsouris (75014 (Address: 144 Rue De La Tombe Issoire)

Villa Saint Germain (Address: 29 rue Jacob)

Villa Van Gogh (75009) (Address: 2 Bis, Cite Pigalle)

Villathena (Address: 23 rue d Athenes)

Villathena (Address: 23 Rue D'athenes)

VILLIERS (Address: 133 avenue de Villiers)

Voltaire Republique (Address: 10 boulevard Voltaire)

W Paris - Opera (Address: 4 rue Meyerbeer)

Waldorf Arc Triomphe Hotel Spa (Address: 36 Rue Pierre Demours)

Waldorf Madeleine (75008) (Address: 12, Bvd Malesherbes)

Waldorf Madeleine Hotel (Address: 12 Boulevard Malesherbes)

Waldorf Trocadero (Address: Lauriston, 97)

Waldorf Trocadero Hotel (Address: 97, Rue Lauriston)

Warwick Champs-Elysees Hotel (Address: 5 Rue De Berri)

Washington Opera (Address: 50 Rue De Richelieu)

Washington Opera (75001) (Address: 50, Rue De Richelieu)

West End Hotel (Address: 7 Rue Clement Marot)

Westminster Opera Hotel (Address: 13 Rue De La Paix)

William's (Address: 3 Rue Mayran)

WILLIAMS OPERA (Address: 3, rue Mayran)

Windsor Opera Hotel (Address: 10 Rue Gabriel Laumain)

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